Panasonic CM602-L

Manufacturer Panasonic
Model CM602-L
Year 2011
Country China China
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory PCB Assembly Equipment
ID P80624002

CM602-L pick and place machine product Details:

PCB DIMENSIONS: L 50 mm x W 50mm to L 510 mm × W 460 mm
HEAD TYPE: High-speed head (Type A-2 head,12/12 nozzles) (OPTIONAL)
Number of nozzles: 12 nozzles
Maximum speed: 0.036 s/chip (100,000 cph)
Placement accuracy: ±40um/chip
Component dimensions: (01005")0402 chip*5 to L 12mm x W12mm xT6.5mm
HEAD TYPE: High-Flexibility Head (OPTIONAL)
Number of nozzles: LS 8 nozzles
Maximum speed: 0.048 s/chip (75,000 cph)
Placement accuracy: ±40um/chip, ±35um/QFP>24mm, ±50um/QFP<24mm
Component dimensions: (01005")0402 chip*5 to L 32mm x W32mm xT8.5mm*8
HEAD TYPE: Multi-Functional Head (OPTIONAL)
Number of nozzles: 3 nozzles
Maximum speed: 0.18 s/QFP (20,000 cph)
Placement accuracy: ±35 um/QFP
Component dimensions: (0201")0603 chip to L 100mm x W 90mm xT 25mm*7
PCB EXCHANGE TIME: 0.9s (board length: up to 240mm under optimum conditions)
ELECTRIC SOURCE: 3-phase AC 200,220,380,400,420,480V, 4.0kVA
PNEUMATIC SOURCE: 490 kPa, 170 L/min (A.N.R)
DIMENSIONS W 2,350 mm x D 2,290 mm *2 x H 1,430 mm *3
MASS 3,400 kg

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