Pressindustria TE 3-VC-1400 LT Multishaft mixer

Listing description

Planetary reactor mixer with triple agitation in polished 316 stainless steel for liquid, viscous, sticky and pasta. Useful capacity from 500 to 1400 kg.

Double tank
Bomb bottom envelope with central draining with 2 valves 45 mm diameter, 1 pneumatic and one manual and 1
Lid lift probe with its mixer by 2 hydraulic cylinders actuated by motorized group
1 slow mixer with raccent
Mixer against sense
1 plungeable
Homogeneization turbine 1 inspection hatch, 245 mm diameter with waterproof cover with 8 lockings with 140 mm
Diameter sight 1 140 mm diameter sight with lighting
4 tapping for vacuum, pressure and vacuum
Breaker and supply 1 needle pressure control manometer from -1 to +3
Slow mixer safety valve with scraper driven by motor-variator from 7 to 28 rpm
Central mixer with counter-sense
Blades driven by motor -variator from 7 to 31 rpm plumging homogenization turbine driven by 2-speed motor, 750 and 1000 rpm
Separate power and control box with electronic regulation thermometer of the temperature, all the control buttons, variator with display and 5 amperemeters
Heating of the double enclosure by hot water or steam
Possibility to make vacuum and pressure
"Sihi" liquid ring vacuum pump
Hydraulic unit

Mounted on 3 frames

Interior tank dimensions:
Diameter 1400 mm - height 1400 mm

Maximum capacity:
Interior mixing tank:
Maximum pressure +1.5 bar
Vacuum -1 bar
Temperature 128 °

Double enclosure:
Pressure 3 bar
Temperature 158 °

Mixer motor / against scraper and mixer power: 11 kw
Turbine motor power: 11 and 15 kw
Hydraulic unit motor power: 2.2 kw
Vacuum pump power: 4 kw

Dimensions with lift cover: 5.21 m

Overall dimensions of the cabinet control and power:
Length 0.80 m - width 0.40 m - height 1.80 m - weight 150 kg overall dimensions of the hydraulic unit:
Length 0.75 m - width 0.60 m - height 0.90 m - weight 80 kg
Overall dimensions of the vacuum pump:
Length 1.45 m - width 0.45 m - height 1.00 m - weight 180 kg

For transport, the 2 motors will be disassembled.
Mixer height without motor 3.21 m
1 pallet is to be provided for each motor

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Listing information

Manufacturer Pressindustria
Model TE 3-VC-1400 LT
Year 1990
Country France France
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Mixers & Blenders
ID P10201026