ROCHE Cobas 6000 Chemistry Analyzer

Last availability: April 23, 2021

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The ROCHE Cobas 6000 Chemistry Analyzer is the first member of the new cobas modular platform. It offers medium workload laboratories tailor-made solutions for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing. The cobas® 6000 analyzer series can consolidate into one integrated platform up to 95% of your routine workload of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing. The cobas® 6000 analyzer series automates and simplifies your lab’s workload. Fully compatible with MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS PLUS system, the cobas® 6000 analyzer series can seamlessly integrate pre-analytical automation. We’ve made operations in your lab simpler by standardizing Roche Diagnostics analyzers with common reagent carriers, applications, analytical technologies, and software interface. With the cobas® 6000 analyzer series, there is one sample tube, one patient result report, and one LIS connection. The cobas® 6000 analyzer series gives you the power to control your lab, improve financial performance, enhance efficiency, and make a difference for the doctors and patients who rely on the critical information you provide to make vital decisions about healthcare, every day.


2nd Generation SWA: modular, analytical system platform, consolidated work area for Clinical Chemistry and Immunology, expandable and re-configurable on site

Types of Modules:

cobas c 501 module: Photometric measuring unit (incl. ISE)
cobas e 601 module: Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology measuring unit
Number of module combinations:
7 module combinations, Up to 3 modules in one core unit

cobas c 501 modules 1 to 2 modules
cobas e 601 modules 1 to 2 modules
cobas c 501 | cobas e 601 modules - 2 to 3 modules (only 2 unites of 1 module type for SWA combinations possbile)
Sample throughput:

Up to 120 racks/hr or 600 samples/hr

Test throughput (theoretical max):

170 up to 2,170 tests/hr - overall
1,000 up to 2,000 tests/hr - with cobas c 501 modules
170 up to 340 tests/hr - with cobas e 601 modules
1,170 up to 2,170 tests/hr - with cobas c 501 and cobas e 601 modules
Number of channels (reagent slots):

Up to 151 channels, in total
63 channels (including ISE, automatic setting) on cobas c 501 module
25 channels on cobas e 601 module
Sample material:

Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF

Core unit analytics:

Rack: 5 position rack, RD standard rack
Rack types: Routine, STAT, Control, Calibrator, Rerun (manual), Wash
Tray: Tray with 15 racks/75 samples, RD standard tray
STAT port: STAT samples are processed with true STAT interrupt
Sample container types:

Primary tubes:5 to 10 mL; 16 x 100, 16 x 75, 13 x 100, 13 x 75 mm
Sample cup: 2.5 mL
Micro cup: 1.5 mL, (exception: cobas e 601 module)
Cups on tube: Cup on top of a 16 x 75/100 mm tube; Cup on top of one non standard tube
False bottom tube (FBT): One type is definable
Sample volume:

1 - 35 µL

Sample dilution:

3 - 121 times

Sample clot detection:

Available for cobas c 501 and cobas e 601 module

Minimum sample volume:

Primary tubes: 700 µL
Sample cup: 100 µL
Micro cup (FTB): 50 µL
Sample barcode types:

Code 128; Codabar (NW 7); Interleaved 2 of 5; Code 39

System interfaces:

RS 232 serial interface, bi-directional
Interface to cobas link data station for cobas teleservice functionalities and automatic download
Sample data base:

10.000 routine/STAT samples

Test methods:

For photometric modules: 1 point, 1 point + prozone check, 2 point, 2 point kinetic, 2 point + prozone check, 3 point, 1 point + kinetics Rate A, Rate A + serum index, Rate A with blank, Rate B

Calibrator/QC input:
Via specified racks through the input buffer or STAT port

Calibration methods:

Start-up, Re-calibration
For photometric modules: Linear, non-linear multi-points, 2 point calibration, K-factor up to 100 different calibrators pre-programmable
Storage of up to 180 curves
Preventive calibration of the stand-by cobas c and cobas e packs on cobas c 501: Two k-factor can be defined for different sample types
QC methods:

For e- and photometric modules: Real-time QC, individual QC, cumulative QC
Up to 100 controls pre-programmable
Preventive QC after calibration of the stand-by cassettes/rack packs
Auto QC: QC without operator intervention (timer triggered)
Rerun/reflex function:

Automatic rerun and manual rerun
Automatic reflex is supported by the system, reflex request to be provided by Roche Middleware Solutions
Electrical requirements:

Power requirements: 230 Volts AC; 110 Volts AC 2.4 kVA (for cobas c 501 | e 601)
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz +/- 0.5 %
Water/waste requirements:

Water: Bacteria free, deionised water supply: resistance of < 1,0 µS/cm
Water pressure: 0.5 – 3.5 kg/cm3, (49 - 343 Kpa)
Biohazards waste: Separate container behind the system
L. concentrated: Central drain port, diameter: = 50 mm / 2 inches
Waste drain < waste: 100 mm above the floor / 4 inches
Water consumption:

Max flow rate: cobas c 501 module: approx. 40 L/hr
Typical consumption: cobas e 601 module: approx. 30 L/hr
Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature: 15 to 32 °C / 59 to 90 °F
Ambient humidity: 30 to 85 % (RH, without condensation)
Heat output: 1.5 kW (5400 kJ/hr for cobas c 501, 4320 kJ/hr for cobas e 601)
Noise output: < 65 dB

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Last availability: April 23, 2021

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Last availability: April 23, 2021

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