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Xeikon 6000

Year: -
Location: Serbia Serbia
Comes with print heads of 1200dpi x4bps(xeikon 5000 have 600dpi),also this machine comes with unwinder for jumbo rolls and WFM unit(26.000€). Machi...

Xeikon 5000 Digital Press Only 150k Sheets (Brand New)

Year: 2006
Location: Iran Iran
Xeikon 5000 in excellent condition. It was displayed in showroom, Only done 150.000 Sheets which categorises the machine as brand new but sold as ...

Xeikon Xeikon 50d

Year: 2000
Location: Serbia Serbia
machine is in printing condition,printing jobs right now!! with stock of new consumables(three new drums,one encoder,new cutter knife,four sets of ...

Xeikon Basys Basys 865-X

Year: 2013
Location: Malta Malta
Basys CTcP 865-X – 33 plates per hour Two Lasers Magensuim Option One Trolley included 5 Years Old – installed January 2013 Serviced by Xeikon cer...

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