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Manufacturer Sgi silicon gra
Year 2005
Country Germany Germany
Condition Good
Main category Networking and Telecoms
Subcategory Server
ID P21129006

Prism Extreme with 24 Intel ITANIUM 2 Processors, 19" Rack no more available, 8 graphic pipes,
2 compositors, 192 GB mem, 13 x Disk 146GB fibre Channel , all or parts like

1 LG-Extreme Silicon Graphics Prism Extreme Base unit
1 TP9300-Base-2C, Fibre Channel Controler encl. dual 2 GB FC
8 LG-MEM-16GB, 16 GB standard system memory 8DDR x 2GB,

LG-MEM-8G, 8 GB DIMM set (4 x 2GB) 133MHz
1 LG-X-IXBRICK –IO9, Silicon Graphics Prism Extreme base I/O
1 LG-X-G4-12-96, Silicon Graphics Prism Extreme Base System
4 LG-CPU-96, 1.6GHz, w. 6.0MB, L3 cache ITANIUM2
2 D-M21S-OPT, Standalone Northern Hemisphere 22“ flat
1 PCIX-Giganet-OR-2P, dual port optical Gigabit Ethernet card
4 RM-KIT-Shelves-I Rackmount shelves installed
2 PCI-FC-1POPT-B, Single port 2 Gbit FC host bus adapter
1 LG-X-EXP-XG2N Prism Exe Gfx/CPU
1 LG-X-CRBK-8-96 Prism Extreme CR-Brick
1 LSB-PWRBAY-6PS, ALTRIX 3700Bx2 power Bay for CPU
2 CBOB-41-2, Graphics Compositor for use with Onyx4
2 146GB-IXBRICK, System disk for use in SGI 3000 series
TP-146GB-G, 2Gbit, 146 GB, 15K rpm Fibre Channel disk
And all needed cables The Software on the System is SUSE Linux OS Version 9 and can be used from the new user.
send offer for that what you need if only parts are needed to raise up a existing SGI Prism Extreme. Also as repair or back up system our unit is helpfull.

Beside this we also keep parts of SGI Altix 4700 and 450 in stock. Inform us about what is needed.

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