SIEMENS 12/16MM 00141092-05

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Manufacturer Siemens 12/16Mm
Model 00141092-05
Year 2017
Country China China
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory PCB Assembly Equipment
ID P80921050

SIEMENS 12/16MM S Type Feeder 00141092-05
00141092 12/16 mm S type Feeder

00141093 24/32 mm S type Feeder

00141094 44 mm S type Feeder

00141095 56 mm S type Feeder

00141096 8*2 mm S type Feeder

00141097 72 mm S type Feeder

00141098 3x8 mm S type Sliver Feeder

00141099 3x8 mm S type Golden Feeder 0201/0402

00141088 3x8 mm SL type Feeder

00141270 Tape Feeder Module 8mm X

00141271 Tape Feeder Module 12mm X

00141272 Tape Feeder Module 16mm X

00141273 Tape Feeder Module 24mm X

00141274 Tape Feeder Module 32mm X

00141275 Tape Feeder Module 44mm X

00141276 Tape Feeder Module 56mm X

00141277 Tape Feeder Module 72mm X

00141278 Tape Feeder Module 88mm X

00141290 Tape Feeder 8mm X with sensor

00141291 Tape Feeder 12mm X with sensor

00141292 Tape Feeder 16mm X with sensor

00141293 Tape Feeder 24mm X with sensor

00141294 Tape Feeder 32mm X with sensor

00141295 Tape Feeder 44mm X with sensor

00141296 Tape Feeder 56mm X with sensor

00141297 Tape Feeder 72mm X with sensor
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