Speedline MPM Accela

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Manufacturer Speedline
Model MPM Accela
Year 2007
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory Screen Printer
ID P80824015
Price on request

Speedline MPM Accela Screen Printer


Standard Features

Windows XP Operating System
Benchmark Software
SPC Data Collection
Closed-Loop Squeegee Head
CANopen Control System
Adjustable Stencil Shelf
Look-Up/Look-Down Vision
Vacuum Wiper* with Solvent Capability
Flat-Panel Display
Three Stage Transport Rail System

Automatic Paste Dispenser
Pad Coverage 2D Inspection
Texture-Based BridgeVision and StencilVision

The MPM Accela printer from Speedline is the ultimate printing solution for manufacturers of highvolume, high-technology circuit boards. Accela processes the largest, thinnest or most complex boards with unprecedented speed, accuracy and ease. Its leading edge design incorporates the best features of our proven platforms and includes 11 patents and patent-pending innovations. An industry break-through, parallel processing, allows critical operations to occur simultaneously, not serially, resulting in unmatched raw throughput - gains of 20% or more good boards per hour! But Accela doesn’t stop there. Other advantages include:

• Highest accuracy and repeatability
• Advanced consumables management for fast setup and changeover
• Proven reliability
• Outstanding flexibility and ease of use
Advanced High-speed, Post-print Inspection
The Accela incorporates SpeedVision, the industry-leading throughput enhancement to Speedline’s patented texture-based 2D inspection tools, BridgeVision and StencilVision. Instead of a deviceby-device approach, this unique system uses full, field-of-view image acquisition and advanced camera motion techniques to achieve unparalleled inspection capabilities at line speed. Speed visioninspects angular devices, detects bridging and logs quantitative component and program level data into the standard, on-board SPC package.

Providing Superior Accuracy
Accela’s substantial yield improvement over traditional printers isn’t solely due to the parallel processing that allows increased inspection frequency. The critical metric isn’t just boards per hour: it’s good boards per hour.
Accela delivers 12.5 micron accuracy at 6 sigma for alignment and 25 microns at 6 sigma for printing performance. That precision reduces waste from errors and bad boards. It also makes it the most accurate, repeatable stencil printer ever — a fact verified by an independent, third-party testing company. This unsurpassed performance provides both the highest throughput and the greatest yield for even the most difficult applications. This is especially important as the lead-free transition presents additional challenges for the printing process.



Maximum Board Size (X x Y)
558 mm x 508 mm (22” x 20”)
Minimum Board Size (Y x X)
50.8 mm x 50.8 mm (2” x 2”)
Board Thickness
0.152 mm (0.006") to 12.7 mm (0.500"), excluding warpage tolerance
Maximum Board Weight
7 kg (15 lb)
Board Edge Clearance
Configurable to 3 mm (0.120") or 5 mm (0.200")
Maximum Underside Clearance
25 mm (1.0")
Transport Speed
8 mm/sec to 1270 mm/sec (0.3"/sec to 50"/sec)
Transport Height From Floor
813 mm to 1041 mm (32" to 41")
Transport Track Feed Direction
Left-Right, Right-Left, Right-Right, Left-Left
Conveyor Length
Choice of 1416 mm (55.7"), 1727 mm (68"), or 2048 mm (80.6")
Board Hold-Down
Integrated y-snuggers, top clamps (software-enabled), underside centernest vacuum, venturi vacuum
Board Support Methods
Magnetic pins and blocks standard, dedicated workholders and Gel-Flex optional

Maximum Print Area (X x Y)
558 mm x 508 mm (22" x 20")
-0.025 mm to 12.7 mm (-0.001" to 0.500")
Print Speed
6 mm/sec to 305 mm/ sec (0.25"/sec to 12"/sec)
Print Force
0.4 kg to 22 kg (0.9 lb to 50 lb)
Print Stroke
±280 mm (±11") from center
Stencil Frame Size
737 mm x 737 mm (29" x 29") adjustable to 584mm x 584 mm, (23" x 23") for tubular frames. Optional stencil frame adapter for cast frames.

Vision Field-of-View (FOV)
10.6 mm x 8.0 mm (0.417" x 0.315")
Fiducial Types
Standard shape fiducials (see SMEMA standards), pad/aperture
Camera System
Single camera — patented look up/down vision

Total System Alignment
±12.5 microns
Accuracy and Repeatability
(±0.0005") at 6 sigma, Cpk of greater than or equal to 2.0*
Wet Print Deposit
±25 microns
Accuracy and Repeatability
(±0.001") at 6 sigma, Cpk of greater than or equal to 2.0*
Cycle Time
Less than 5.5 sec

Power Requirements
200 to 240 V AC (±10%) single phase @ 50/60Hz, 15A
Air Supply Requirements
100 psi at 4 cfm (standard run mode) to 18 cfm (vacuum wipe) (6.89 bar @ 1.9 L/s to 8.5L/s), 12.7 mm (0.5”) diameter line
Height (excluding light tower)
1950 mm (76.7") max at tallest board load height
2169 mm (85.4")
Conveyor Width
Choice of 1416 mm (55.7"), 1727 mm (68"), or 2048 mm (80.6")
Cover Width
1357 mm (53.4")
Front and Rear Clearance
432 mm (17") Minimum
Machine Weight
2205 kg (4850 lb)

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