TECNINOX MOD.PIBI BRIDGE DUELL 110/110 - pass-through chamber used

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Pass-through chambers protect critical environments while allowing transfer of materials to or from adjoining rooms. Typical installations are in the walls of cleanrooms and laboratories. In these applications, materials must be transferred with minimal loss of room pressure; and without the need for personnel movement between rooms. Standard chambers have an interlock that permits only one door to be opened at time and ensures clean operation.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

All stainless steel construction. The washing cycles and corresponding door lock are managed by a Siemens PLC. The green light, which is on when the machine is in stand-by mode, indicates that the associated door is free and the opening is possible. By pressing the black button, the door opens on the side and the operator can load the products inside the Pass Box. If the load is inserted from the "dirty side", as soon as the door closes, a washing cycle (laminar flow and UV sterilization) starts. If the load is inserted from the "clean side", the door opening on the side «dirty» can take place when the door on the "dirty side" is closed. During the washing cycle, the red light remains on both sides to indicate that neither door can be unlocked. During the washing cycle, the centrifugal fan is switched on and the air flow from the filter is laminar. The speed of the centrifugal fan can be adjusted through the regulator located in the technical compartment, accessible from the panel on the «dirty» side. The duration of each cycle is set at the factory to 5 minutes, but can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

Year: 2016

External dimensions (LxWxH): 1500x1100x2350 mm
Working area dimensions (LxLxH): 1500x1100x1500 mm
Materials and finishes: AISI 304 Poli
Weight: 100 kg

Clean room classification: < ISO 5

Electrical Power
Electric class : Class 1
Tension: 230 V - 50 Hz
Protection class: IP 44

Inlet air filtration system
Filter dimensions: N. 1 H14 HEPA filter 305 x 457 x 68 mm
Classification CEN EN 1822: H14
Fixing: mechanical
Filter replacement: lateral

UV Lamps
Nr. e positioning: N. 1+1 on the side

Control Panel
• N. 1 red emergency button
• N. 1 green light for door locking
• N. 1 green light for door unlocking
• N. 1 black START button

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Manufacturer Tecninox
Year 2016
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
Subcategory Medical Equipment
ID P309260110