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Universal GSM1 + 211 Feeders (Electric and Pneumatic) price drop

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Our GSM1 is 100% functional and comes with over 200 feeders and dozens of nozzles. Since purchasing this from a dealer in North Carolina, we have only used it for a maximum of 20-30 hours.

Also, we have other equipment for sale, such as a GSM1 Pick and Place, NeoDen IN6, MPM AP25 Stencil Printer and more. Check my other auctions for these, I'll be adding them soon. If you are interested in the whole lot, we can also do that (Note: if you buy anything other than the Neoden IN6, it will have to be rigged and shipped by freight).


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Bravo Team LLC Equipment List:

Universal GSM1

The Universal GSM1 comes with flex-jets and flex-heads, this machine is capable of picking and placing 10,000 components per hour. Thanks to the 7 spindle Flexjet Head, you are able to place 0201 package components, or components as large as 55cm square.

7 Spindle FlexJet

Various Nozzles for the GSM1

Universal Conveyors

Electric and Pneumatic Feeders

Vintage: 2000

Specs: **See Google Drive Doc**

Manual: **See Google Drive Doc**

GSM1 Flex Head (4 Spindle / C4)


The GSM1 is still sold by PCB manufacturers who are upgrading their equipment and there are still service technicians who will work on them at reasonable rates. We have personally used 4 Tech USA (**See Google Drive Doc**) to calibrate our machine and get it up and running in 2020. You can also register with Universal, to receive support, but this does come with a fee to do so.

Caveats to Machinery:

We bought these machines in 2019 from LEL Semi. The Universal GSM1 pick and place has been validated as functional and we have a backup of the machine configuration parameters on floppy. These parameters will likely change when the machine is moved and the machine will likely need to be recalibrated. We would recommend using 4 Tech USA to calibrate and maintenance the machine. They are super knowledgeable and they got the job done in about 8 hours.

This GSM1 model is a Q block variant. This machine is running OS/2 and UPS V4.5.0 Supplicant E. We have tons of videos of the machine running and can show them upon request.

The GSM has both nozzle changers functioning properly and the machine comes with a great selection of nozzles there are about 8 of each the following installed in the machine's automatic nozzle changer banks (0402, 0603, 08MPF, 10MPF, 125F, 234F, 283MPF) as well as a grab bag of about 40 other types of various nozzles.

The head on the GSM is a flexjet 7 spindle head, however the on the head camera doesn't function properly. Apparently it was a known issue at Universal and went bad very often. The guy that calibrated the machine, set it up to just use one of the upward looking cameras and the machine is still very fast. Also, spindle 7 frequently "spits out" the nozzle whenever there is a mispick. Basically the machine goes to pick up a part, can't find it on the upward looking camera, and goes to the reject bin which sometimes spits out the nozzle and creates a big problem when trying to change nozzles because the machine expects a nozzle to be in the spindle and there is not one present. We recommend just turning off the spindle in the machine configuration to avoid this issue.

The buyer should expect to have routine maintenance done on the machine as it's been a year since the machine was calibrated.

We have included a ton of feeders with the GSM machine, setup carts and 2 feeder storage racks. The exact amount is not known, but when we purchased the machines, we were given this count of feeders. An estimate is that 95% of the feeders described below are fully functional and included. We have replacement gaskets that we will include for the pneumatic feeders.

GSM Feeders Included:

8mm X 4mm paper: 22

8mm X 4mm: 9

Multi 8mm: 4

12mm X 4mm: 15

12mm X 8mm: 15

12mm X 8mm Deep: 5

16mm: 72

24mm: 28

32mm: 18

44mm: 18

56mm: 5



Also included are a bunch of feeder setup carts as well as 2 big feeder storage racks.

The conveyors include the SMEMA connectors and cables and are functional, however, some things are loose and just need tightening. As a lot of the equipment used incandescent indicator lights, some are burnt out and will need replaced if desired. We didn't really care that they were burnt out so we just ignored them.

Note: Price does not include any sort of rigging on our end. You are responsible for getting the machinery onto a truck and off the premises.

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Manufacturer Universal
Model GSM1
Year 2000
Country USA USA
Condition Good
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