Victor PFG-2080AHR w/1

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Manufacturer Victor
Model PFG-2080AHR w/1
Year 2002
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Woodworking
Subcategory Other woodworking equipment
ID P50320076

20'' Width 80'' Length Victor PFG-2080AHR w/16'' Wheel SURFACE GRINDER;Reference Number: 147911;NEW VICTOR 20" x 80" HYDRAULIC SURFACE GRINDER;MODEL: PFG-2080AHR;*MADE IN TAIWAN*;FEATURES;* Vertical travel driven by AC servo motor;* Vertical travel operated by MPG function handwheel with 3 graduation selections;* One piece base design to provide greater rigidity and;free twist deformation to ensure superior surface finish;and higher accuracy;* Column, base, and table adopt double wall;construction casting to ensure greater rigidity, accuracy;and stability during heavy grinding. And through internal;stress elimination assures rigidity, stability, and accuracy;* High precision and heavy pre-compression ballscrews;on vertical and cross feeds to provide powerful and;precise grinding force;* Hydraulic driven longitudinal table movement;* Automatic cross feed powered by AC motor;transmitting through MCU. The travel distance set by;cam and limit switch installed on right side of machine;base. The feed volume can be adjusted by panel switch;* 2 single-acting hydraulic cylinders to maximize stable;table movement by preventing table floating;* Optional automatic down feed with elevating micro-;feed and intuitive control panel to add more convenience;to grinding operations;MACHINE INCLUES;Grinding wheel;Wheel flange;Flange extractor;Wheel balancing arbor;Wheel balancing base;Wheel dresser with diamond;Leveling screw and plates;Work light;SPECIFICATIONS;Table size: 20" x 79";Max. table travel: 22" x 84";Max. surface ground: 20" x 80";Max. distance from spindle center to table top: 24";Electromagnetic chuck size: 20" x 79";Table speed: 200" ~ 985" / min;Table slideway: V-Flat Way;Auto cross feed increment: 0.004" ~ 0.8";Power cross feed: 44" / min;Cross handwheel feed per graduation: 0.001";Cross handwheel feed per revolution: 0.2";Rapid power head elevation (Optional): 31" / min;Auto down feed (including rapid) (Optional): 0.0001" ~ 0.0999" / Time option;Vertical down handwheel feed per graduation: (x1) 0.0001", (x5) 0.0005", (x10) 0.0010" by MPG;Vertical down handwheel feed per revolution: (x1) 0.01", (x5) 0.05", (x10) 0.1" by MPG;Max wheel size (O.D x T x I.D.): 16" x 2" x 5";Spindle wheel speed: 1,750 RPM;Spindle drive motor: 10 HP;Hydraulic pump motor: 5 HP;Auto cross feed motor: 1/5 HP;Rapid head elevation motor: AC servo motor;Coolant pump motor: 1/8 HP;Net weight (Approx.): 18,500 lbs;Gross weight (Approx.): 20,700 lbs;Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 188" x 90" x 101";OPTIONS(Call for prices!);Electromagnetic chuck;Angle forming attachment;Radius forming attachment;Sine bar;Tool makers vise;Punch former;Extra wheel flange;Auto demagnetizer;Dust suction system;Dust suction system with coolant system;Magnetic separator with coolant;Auto paper strip filter;Auto paper strip filter with magnetic separator and coolant system;Auto down feed system

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