Emerson Electric Co. Crude Oil (petroleum products) Quantity and Quality Measurement Station with capacity of 33-100 t\h price drop

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Emerson Electric Co. (Crude Oil Quantity and Quality Measurement Station) (COQQMS) System for measurement of quantity and quality parameters of crude oil,petroleum products with capacity of 33-100 t\h. All equipment is in the transport position, full complete set, excellent condition, new, never use, price of new - more $600,000 Usd.
This offer provides for the delivery of:
1. Complete unit for commercial accounting of commercial oil (Custody Metering SKID (33-100 t\h, ANSI 300) ;
2. Data collection and processing systems with OMNI 6000 and operator's workstation computers based on DeltaV (Flow metering skid control & supervvisory system, Control Cabinet);
3. Stationary 12" mini compact prover Daniel.
Brief description of the structure of accounting nodes.
Source data: Mass flow meter sensor - for parts in contact with the medium-316L stainless steel, housing-304SS stainless steel.
Nominal pressure - 300; Valve flanges - 300# RF; Flow meter flanges - 300# RF.
1.1) Oil metering unit.
a) Field equipment: The complete oil metering unit consists of two measuring lines using A 3” micromotion mass Coriolis flowmeter of the CMF300 model. The first line is working, the second is backup. Pressure sensors-series 3051, temperature Sensors-series 644;
b) Equipment installed in the operator room: The data collection, processing and management unit is supplied with the oil metering unit and contains the following main components:
- two multithreaded flow computers (main/backup) for processing information from measurement lines. Flow computers are powered by 24 VDC from the supplied power supply and represent a hot standby system;
- one controller the prover;
с) automated operator's workstation and peripheral equipment: The accounting node is supplied with a workstation, a matrix printer for printing acceptance reports and messages from flow computers, and a laser printer for printing passports, reports, trends, graphs, etc. from the operator's workstation.
1.2) Design features of the oil metering unit: The oil metering unit consists of input and output pipelines, an input / output manifold, a block of measuring lines, and a prover manifold. Each measuring line consists of an inlet valve, a coarse filter, a CMF 300 mass flow meter with an MVD2700 transmitter, and a cut-off valve from the output manifold with double cut-off and leak monitoring. The measuring lines are completely identical. The design of the node allows you to connect additional measurement lines to increase the performance of the node in the future.
Drain valves with blind flanges are installed at the bottom of the pipelines, and air valves with blind flanges are installed at the top of the pipeline.
The system includes a fully enclosed drainage collector that has a connection at the edge of the measuring platform for connection to the user drainage system.
All signal and power cables are installed in connection boxes mounted on the oil metering unit.
Signal and power cables are not included in the scope of delivery!!!
2. Comments on the technical part (drawing 465-3-003).
2.1) Expense computers: Flow computers for the OMNI 6000 oil metering node are designed for processing measurement results, performing accounting operations, and calculating verification operations and comparisons.
Flow computers are equipped with a configurable communication port for communication with factory systems. The DeltaV Distributed Management System is used as a collection, processing, storage, and management system.
2.2) Filters: Each measuring line is equipped with a coarse filter. The Rosemount 3051 differential pressure sensor is installed on the filter. The signal from the sensor is sent to the flow computer. When the signal from the sensor is 0.8 kg / cm2 (programmable), the operator receives a message about the need to clean the replacement filter element.
2.3) Shut-off valves: 3 " double-cutoff and leak control Valves with an electric explosion-proof actuator are installed at the output of the measuring lines and ensure that no oil leaks through the backup line when performing commercial pumping, as well as during verification and calibration of mass flow meters. Also, such a valve is installed on the bypass in the prover manifold to ensure that there is no leakage during verification/calibration operations.
2.4) Ball valve: Ball valves are installed at the inlet of the measuring lines and on the manifold for connection to the prover.
2.5) Pressure and temperature sensors: To increase the accuracy of the measurement, each measuring line is equipped with a model 3051 pressure sensor and a model 0065 resistance thermometer. The signals from the pressure sensors are fed directly into the transmitter of the MVD 2700 mass flow meter, and from the resistance thermometer into the flow computer.
2.6) Coriolis mass flow meters: A Coriolis mass flowmeter consisting of a CMF 300 sensor and a 2700 field transmitter is installed on each measuring line.
2.7) A system for automatic sampling (The equipment includes a Standard А Sampler.): An automatic sampling system consisting of a sampling probe according to GOST 2517, a sampling system, and an automatic sampling Cabinet is installed on the output collector of the measuring line unit . A manual sampler is installed in the sampler Cabinet. The sampling system is controlled by the OMNI 3000 flow computer and provides an isokinetic flow condition through the measuring lines and the sampler.
2.8) Heating and thermal insulation: The metering unit for commercial oil is performed with automatic electric heating of all collectors, measuring lines, drainage lines, sampling lines for the sampler and control and measuring devices.
2.9) Total error of the measuring system by gross and net weight: The total error of the oil metering unit by gross weight is not worse than +/- 0.15%.
3. Description 12" MINI Daniel Compact Prover (stationary). This offer includes one 12 " mini, which provides a maximum flow rate of 227 m3/h stationary compact prover Daniel (Daniel\Brooks) allows you to verify the proposed flow meters.
12″ flow tube, 4” inlet and outlet.
1.43 BPH to 1430 BPH
3.78 LPM to 3780 LPM
0.227 M3PH to 227 M3PH
Approximate weight: 4 400 lbs (NOMINAL PROVER SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) - (147" X 62" X 55") 373CM X 157CM X 140 CM
Standard Materials of Construction:
Flow Tube: 17- 4 PH Stainless steel
Ring gaskets-Viton
Piston rings-roll
Piping and Flange: Carbon steel
Poppet Seal: Fluroelastomer (FKM)
O-rings: Fluroelastomer (FKM)
Nominal pressure: Maximum operating pressure: Maximum operating temperature : Minimum operating temperature: Input / output flange: sealing surface volume of the calibrated section: Repeatability:
ANSI class 600
102 bars
93 degrees Celsius
-40 degrees Celsius
4" Class 600 according to ANSI,
“the connection tab”
40 liters
0.02% for water calibration
Power requirements
Three-phase AC voltage of 380 V - for the motor.
AC voltage of 220 V for solenoid valves.
Explosion safety-ATEX Certificate.
The pressure drop in the system as a whole, between the inlet and outlet flanges, is approximately 1 bar at the maximum flow rate. The pressure drop on the piston when passing the calibrated path does not exceed 3 " water column
Electrical Connections:
1/2" / 1" NPT
M20 / M32
Flow range:
1000:1; for volumetric flow measurements
Power requirements:
Three-phase AC voltage of 380 V - for the motor.
AC voltage of 220 V for solenoid valves
Date: 06/17/2019
Object: Contractor's production base
Contractor: Licensed Service Company
Test object: commercial oil metering unit (fiscal metering skid) EMERSON 2006 model year
Test report
EMERSON commercial oil metering unit of 2006 of release for the purpose of confirmation of application in the project.
In the period from 06/01/2019 until 06/17/2019. work on element-wise tests was carried out. Within the framework of which the work was carried out:
1. Prepared technological piping metering unit for testing. The metering unit is connected to a test pouring installation with an exemplary mass flowmeter MicroMotion CMF200 №___ manufactured by EMERSON verification certificate No. ____.
2. The technological piping of the compact piston verification unit Compact Prover BROOKS was prepared for the pouring installation with an exemplary measuring device Seraphin M.
3. Checked electrical connections:
a) Fixed scheme no. _ _ _ connection of MVD2700 transmitters POS.100-FT-010, 100-FT-020 to the Flow Control panel to OMNI6000 flow rate computers with the designations 100-FQIC-001A, 100-FQIC-001B, 100-FQIC-002. Changes to the scheme of the working project Custody Oil Metering Skid Book 1 A were made with marks on the specified sheets in red.
b) Fixed the connection diagram of the mini 12 BROOKS CD-prover with the designations 100-BCP-001 in the control Cabinet to the OMNI6000 with the designations 100-FQIC-002, made changes to the scheme no. _ _ _ of the working project Custody Oil Metering Skid Book 1 A with marks on the specified sheets in red.
4. The configuration of cost computers OMNI6000 pos. 100-FQIC-001A, 100-FQIC-001B, 100-FQIC-002.
5. The MVD2700 transmitters of the mass flow meters POS. 100-FT-010, 100-FT-020 were configured.
6. The setup (installing a serial board, installing a cartridge) of the Epson FX-890 matrix printer for printing reports has been completed.
7. Adjustment of electric drive of flow regulators Rotork pos. 100-FCV-010, 100-FCV-020.
As part of the work, the following defects, deviations and comments were discovered:
1. There is no certificate of factory calibration of the flow meter 7835B 100-DT-001 on the piston calibration units.
2. There is no certificate of factory calibration of the temperature transducer 0065 100-TE-001 on pipe-piston calibration facilities.
3. There is no certificate of factory calibration of the pressure transducer 3051 100-PT-001 on pipe-piston calibration units.
4. There is no certificate of factory calibration of the Seraphin "M" 100-PT-001 meter on pipe-piston calibration facilities.
5. There is no certificate of factory calibration of the balance Metler Toledo KS150 on pipe-piston calibration plants.
6. It is necessary to replace the high pressure hose of the nitrogen supply from the receiver to the cylinder of the piston calibration unit.
7. The densitometer pump has jammed on the piston calibration unit.
8. On all Rotork electric drives, in the amount of 5 pieces, 9V backup batteries for storing configuration data must be replaced.
9. At the pipe-piston calibration unit 100-BCP-001 , the faulty relay R2 of the solenoid valve of the pouring installation and the explosion-proof fuse F5 were replaced from the existing spare parts of the oil metering unit. These items were not working properly.
10. Technological binding of the Measuring Line Block is made of carbon steel, which is not suitable for operation in environments containing hydrogen sulfide.
The metrological characteristics of the mass flow meters pos. 100 according to the control mass flow meter, with the following results:
Line Consumption, t / h Error,% Allowable error, %

100-FT-010 5,598 0,32 (Exceeds)

8,297 0,21 (Norm)
12,424 0,12(Norm)
14,356 0,08(Norm)

100-FT-020 5,210 0,17 (Norm)
8,189 0,08 (Norm)
11,966 0,04 (Norm)
14,324 0,02 (Norm)

The verification of the pipe-piston calibration unit 100-BCP-001 was performed. The high-pressure hose was not fixed on the pipe-piston calibration unit, it was temporarily sealed with an insulating lining, it must be replaced for future use. The following works were performed:
1. The leakage of the piston of the piston calibration unit was checked. There are no leaks.
2. The control spillage of the calibrated section of the piston-testing unit for the pouring installation with the help of a first level meter was carried out. Stable measurement results were obtained. For a specific determination of the volume of the pipe-piston calibration unit, calibration certificates are required:
a) no factory calibration certificate (Metler Toledo)
b) no factory calibration certificate (Seraphin M)
The use of this commercial oil metering unit in the project is possible subject to the following conditions:
1. The flow rate through the measuring lines, according to the results of the control and metrological characteristics, the permissible minimum flow rate of the first measuring line is at least 8 t / h, the second measuring line is at least 5 t / h.
2. Replacement of failed elements.
3. Changing the technological piping scheme and pipeline materials of the commercial oil metering unit for adaptation to the project.
4. Providing missing documentation.

Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer
Head of work on СО and МО

Appendix No. 2. List of measuring instruments.
№ Tag Device name Serial number Range Application
1 FE-010 CMF300M426NVEZEZZX 11029957 0…100 t/h
2 FT-010 MVD-2700R12CEFEZWZ 3743434 0…10000 Hz
3 TT-010 see the original table
4 PT-010 see the original table
5 dPT-010 see the original table
6 FE-020 see the original table
7 FT-020 see the original table
8 TT-020 see the original table
9 PT-020 see the original table
10 dPT-020 see the original table
11 BROOKS BROOKS P121B6C2AAF2PBR 0511-182088-10-1 3…300 m3/h
no calibration certificate
12 FT-001 see the original table
13 TE-001 see the original table
14 PT-001 see the original table
15 DT-001 SOLARTRON 7835B 355506 300…1000 kg/m3
16 FQIC-001A see the original table
17 FQIC-001B see the original table
18 FQIC-002 see the original table

Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer

Data: June 17, 2019

Appendix No. 1 of an Individual Test
№ Position Parameter Name Sensor, snout (link) Signal type Output signal Range OMNI Channel Validation value Note

Measuring lines
1 FT-010 1 line density CMF300 Al 4-20 mA 700-1000 kg/m3 001A/001B 5 Ok
2 FT-010 Mass consumption 1 line CMF300 Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 001A/001B 7 Ok
3 FT-010 Mass consumption 1 line CMF300 Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 001A/001B 8 Ok
4 TT-010 1 line temperature 065 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 001A 6 Ok
5 TT-010 1 line temperature 065 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 001B 6 Ok
6 PT-010 1 line pressure 3051 Al 4-20mA 0-40 kg/cm2 001A/001B 2 Ok
7 dPT-010 Differential pressure on the filter 1 lines 3051 Al 4-20mA 0-1 kg/cm2 Delta V 5 Ok
8 FT-020 Density 2 lines CMF300 Al 4-20mA 700-1000 kg/m3 001A/001B 9 Ok
9 FT-020 Mass consumption 2 lines CMF300 Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 001A/001B 11 Ok
10 FT-020 Mass consumption 2 lines CMF300 Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 001A/001B 12 Ok
11 TT-020 2 line temperature 065 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 001A 10 Ok
12 TT-020 2 line temperature 065 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 001B 10 Ok
13 PT-020 2 line pressure 3051 Al 4-20mA 0-40 kg/cm2 001A/001B 4 Ok
14 dPT-020 Differential pressure on the filter 2 lines 3051 Al 4-20mA 0-1 kg/cm2 Delta V 6 Ok

Piston calibration unit
15 FT-001 Compact prover consumption TPR Daniel Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 002 7 Ок
16 FT-0X0 Mass flow rate 1 and 2 lines СMF300 Fl Hz 0-10000 Hz 002 8 Ок K-010/K-020
17 TE-001 Compact prover temperature 065 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 002 6 Ok
18 PT-001 Pressure compact prover 3051 Al 4-20 mA 0-50 Bar 002 5 Ok
19 DT-001 Densitometer compact prover 7835 TP usec 0-2000usec 002 3 Ок 300-1000 кg/m3
20 DT-TE-001 Compact prover densitometer temperature 7835 Rtd Rtd 0-100 gr.C 002 1 Ok
21 Run Piston start BROOKS P121 DO 24 VDC - 002 2 Ok
22 Detector Compact Prover Detector BROOKS P121 Dl 25 VDC - 002 - Ok Detector switch IN TB6-7
23 Detector UpStream Upper position of the piston compact prover BROOKS P121 Dl 26 VDC - 002 1 Ok

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Last availability: Jan. 12, 2021

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Model Crude Oil (petroleum products) Quantity and Quality Measurement Station with capacity of 33-100 t\h
Year 2006
Country Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Condition Excellent
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Subcategory Oilfield Equipment
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