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7 lane sachet line consisting of bag filling machine and cartoner. Equipped with heat sealing, photoelectric alignment, unwind stand. Pre-glued longitudinal boxes. Lean processes, safe interfaces, guaranteed system efficiency, high pouch quality and weight accuracy.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The Sigpack RGS/KG Flatpouch Sachet System will help you to have a long-active success. The system consists of a primary packaging, a transport and grouping module and a secondary packaging. This integrated solutions afford highest output on smallest space. The primary packaging Sigpack RGS is a multi-lane, vertical sachet machine and is optimized for the packaging process of sensitive powder or granules from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The high requirements to our technique and quality ensure a high performance, accuracy and reliability. The combination with the Sigpack KG leads to a minimized system layout. This highly integrated construction extend the Sigpack RGS perfectly and realize an efficient system solution. The format range is flexible, adjustable and offers a wide possibility in the cartoning dimensions and the disposal of the products.

Year: 1986

Filling capacity 1000 sachets/min
Max roll width 800 mm
Max. roll ext. diam. 600mm
Pouch format A 57 x 80 ( WxL)
Pouch format C 57 x 100 (WxL)
Cartoning capacity 120 cartons/min
Carton format A – 20 sachets 66 x 82 x 80 (WxLxH)
Carton format A – 10 sachets 66 x 102 x 55 (WxLxH)
Voltage 380 Volt

Sigpack Dosing System:

Fig.13 dispenser unit

Continuous dosing auger
Use: Dosage and bagging of the quantities of products in pre sealed sachets.
Operation: The product from the silos is carried to the vibrators 6, in the continuous network 3. A level sensor 5 controls the filling level and controls the vibrator 7, the stirrer 4 driven by a separate motor 8, regularly distributes the product towards continuous network. The auger 2 command is run separately through the electric motors whose speed can be adjusted separately and the filled quantities depend on these. Depending on the amount of filling the auger makes its vertical movement.

the operating conditions (important points)
1. The correct installation of the auger filler 2.
2. The correct setting of the vibrator 7: During production pay attention to changes in the level of the cochlea
3. The vertical movement depends on the speed of the auger, which determines the filling volume. After a change of the number of revolutions it is necessary to correct the movement accordingly.

Regarding point 1
The auger fillers must not be reversed. The numbers engraved on the auger hopper and auger itself must match.

Regarding point 2
Factory settings.

Rigurado point 3
a) Loosen the screw 10
b) Adjust the drive shaft 9
c) Tighten the screw 10.

Closing valves Fig.13

use: Closure of the filling tubes 16 to prevent the fall of the product after the filling from the extremities of the auger filler.

Operation: The openings of the filling tubes 16 operate through the drive shaft 13, which are connected by a reference to a cam located in the transmission box.

the operating conditions (important points)
1. The closing valves 17 must rotate as close as possible to the extremities of the cochlea, but without rubbing
2. the correct position of the two proximity probes 11 for controlling the position of the closing valves

Regarding point 1:
The closing valves 17 make a slightly arched motion for which in their final position in the top and bottom should touch the extremities of the auger. While the radius of this movement is set by the factory to the inclination of the extremities of the cochlea, the movement and the height of the closing valves can be adjusted according to the necessities.

adjustment of the movement (machine in position: dosage finished)
a) Loosen the slide fastener 12 of the drive shaft 13 loosen the screw 15
b) lntroduce a wedge of a thickness of 1 mm between the valve support 14 and the guide of the dosage auger 16 17
c) Press slightly by hand the closure valve against the extremity of the cochlea and lock 15
D) Secure the sliding support 12.

Regarding point 2:
if for a certain period of time no metal strip is detected by the sensor, the machine stops automatically. Distance between the sensor and metal = 0,5 - 1,5 mm.

This equipment is located in IT

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Last availability: Oct. 25, 2023

Listing information

Manufacturer SIG
Model RGS/KG
Year 1986
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Other Food Packaging
ID P31012355

Last availability: Oct. 25, 2023