Achieving high-quality sound in broadcasting, film production, and live events relies on professional audio equipment. This category includes various devices designed to capture, process, and reproduce sound with exceptional clarity and precision. Key components include microphones, mixing consoles, audio interfaces, monitors, headphones, and signal processors. Microphones, such as condenser, dynamic, and ribbon types, are essential for capturing sound accurately. Mixing consoles, available in analog and digital formats from brands like Yamaha and Behringer, allow audio engineers to blend and adjust multiple audio sources. Audio interfaces from Focusrite and PreSonus convert analog signals to digital and vice versa, facilitating high-fidelity recording and playback. Monitors and headphones from brands like KRK and Sennheiser are crucial for accurate audio monitoring. Signal processors, including equalizers, compressors, and reverb units from Universal Audio and TC Electronic, shape and enhance audio signals. When selecting professional audio equipment, consider sound quality, durability, compatibility with existing systems, and specific project requirements. Investing in reliable brands and understanding technical specifications can significantly enhance audio production capabilities.

L-Acoustics PA System Package

Year: 2019

**Unleash Unparalleled Sound: Elevate Your Events with L-Acoustics** **Package Includes:** - **Speakers:** - 24 x K2 Speaker - 24 x KARA Speaker - 24 x SB28 Speaker - **Covers & Accessories:** - 24 x SB28 Cover - 24 x SB28-PLA - 6 x HeadCover for K2 (Santosom) - 6 x Case for KARA (Santosom) - **Cases & Racks:** - 1 …

MAD A9 planar magnetics surface array

Year: 2005

set includes: 4 x A9 planar magnetics surface array 9 x 4 =36 panals, dispersion 120° cardioid up 120Hz-16KHz, 4000W per unit 4 x flightcase for 1 x A9 ensemble 2 x FB-1 flying bar for up to 16 rows 2 x DF-1 down extention bar Second hand 2005, good condition

Yamaha M7CL 48ES with 3 x SB168-ES

Year: 2012

Packaging Unit: Set 1 x digital audio console, touch panel display in combination with Yamaha's proven channel concept, provides uncomplicated working, 48 inputs, 16x mix bus, LCR bus, 8 matrix channels, 8 DCAs that can be assigned to 16 Omni outputs , IrtVirtual Effect and EQ Rack: up to 4 multi-effect processors with up to 8 simultaneous 31-band graphic EQs. …

Used Soundcraft Spirit SX RW 5350


Spirit SX is a flexible 4-bus mixer capable of producing Digital sound quality for both live and recording applications. It includes 20 inputs as standard and 18 outputs (including Auxs and Direct Outs). In addition to mix outs, two sub-buses allow groups of instruments to be sent to multitrack, to additional speakers, or sub-grouped to mix. There are also four …

Used Allen Heath MixWizard3 12:2


The 3rd generation of the best-selling MixWizard range features a new mic preamp design and advanced grounding scheme, which both further enhance sonic quality. Other improvements include individual phantom power switches, channel signal indicators, lamp socket, and backup supply capability. Internal configuration options for channel aux sends and direct output are now on pluggable jumpers for your convenience, and the …

Midas XL-464 TP

Year: 1999

1 x Midas XL-4 48-16-2 FOH/MON console with 44 x mono, 4 x stereo inputs, 24 aux send per ch. 8 x VCA with OB automation incl. flightcase with bagpack 2 x MIDAS Power supply newly serviced and fully wokable Second hand 1999, good condition

Used AJA Ki Pro


Portable file-based HD/SD recorder and player AJA Ki Pro.

Used HHB Portadrive PDR 2000


1 x HHB Portadrive PDR 2000 1 x PORTADRIVE PDRDC40 40GB HDD Caddy

Used Panasonic AV-HS400


The Panasonic AV HS400 Vision Mixer is a HD/SD & DVI multi-format live switcher with built in multiviewer, 3D effects and a host of other advanced features. In addition to the standard wipe patterns, the DVE allows you to squeeze and slide effects and different types of 3D. The multiview display lets you view up to 10 inputs/outputs and split …

Avid Digi Design - D- Control Icon Desk

Year: 2000

D-Control™ worksurface for Digidesign® ICON systems. D-Control gives you firsthand control over every function of Pro Tools and offers powerful options for customizing your Pro Tools mixing environment. D-Control Features: D-Control offers a complete set of controls for all Pro Tools recording, editing and mixing tasks and a versatile remote-controlled audio monitoring system. Control features: Motorized and touch-sensitive Penny and …

Soundcraft Europa

Year: 1998

40-8-2 FOH console with noise gate per ch. 40 mono input, 8 stereo input on master section, 4 matrix 8x8, touring flightcase, 2 x CPS-1000 PSU with switch over redundeny and 10RU rack second hand 1998, good condition

AVID Venue Profile


Packaging Unit: Set includes: 1 x Venue Profile surface with flightcase 1 x Local rack 3 x DSP card + additional IOX card 1 x Stagerack with 48in-8out 1 x Multicore 100m with 6 x BNC connector panal Second hand, good condition

Harrison HM-4

Year: 1981

32-8-2 FOH console with unique features, class A full parametric equaliser, with 8 aux send per channel, 8 VCA, 8 mutes, external TT pachbay incl. case and PSU Second hand 1981, good condition

EV X-Line vls set


Packaging Unit: Set set includes: 16 x X-line vls line array element H-V 90x5 degree, 3-way tri-amp, 2x15/2x8/3x1,5inch incl. dolly 2 x Grid mainframe for hanging max. 18 elements with all rigging parts. second hand, good condition

Midas XL-200 44+4

Year: 1996

FOH console with 44 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 2xPSU, original Packhorse touring case. second hand 1996, good condition

Symphotec OMS Set

Year: 2005

Orchestra Management System incl. 15 x SN1 omnidirectional shortneck microphones, 10 x SN2 bidirectional shortneck microphones, 25 x WS1 windshield caps, 5 x OMS-7 multichannel router 5in-1out, 10 x MF-5 microphone cables 5m. 15 x MF-3 microphone cables 3m. 25 x ST30 short stands 1 x flightcase Second hand, 2005 good condition

Gamble EX-56


56-8-2 FOH console with TT patchbay patchcables, looms 2 x PSU, flightcase second hand, good condition

Soundcraft Broadway


digitally controlled analogue mixing system with separated analogue audio racks, detached digital control surfaces. 80 Input channel with IN A/B, 32 Group/AUX Busses, LCRS Master Routing, 3 PFL Busses, 40 x 20 Output Matrix, 20 VCA Groups, 4 Band fully parametric EQ. Sweepable High/lowcut, switchable Inserts, switchable pre/post EQ. Mic Preamp amd EQ designed by Trevor Stride (Focusrite) any parameter …

Soundcraft Vi6


Packaging Unit: Set set incl. 1 x Vi6 surface (96 input and 35 x outputs) with flightcase 1 x Local Rack with 3 DSP card, 16 x Line I/O, 16 x AES/EBU I/O RS422 Madi card for redundancy Cat5/7 Core, with rack 1 x Stage Rack, 64 x Mic/Line in, 32 x Line out, RS422 Madi card for redundency Cat5/7 …

AVID Venue D-Show + Side car


Packaging Unit: Set includes: 1 x Avid Digidesign D-Show surface with keyboard, screen, trackball, flightcase 1 x Avid Digidesign D-Show Extender (sidecar) with flightcase 1 x Local Rack Plus (no rack) 5 x DSP card 2 x IOx option card 1 x FWX card 2 x Snake card 1 x Mixrack Plus (no rack) 3 x DSP Cards 3 x …

Essential Guide to Professional Audio Equipment in Broadcast, Film, and Audio Industries

Investing in professional audio equipment is a critical decision for projects in broadcasting, film production, and audio engineering. High-quality gear is designed for capturing, enhancing, mixing, and reproducing sound in various professional settings such as recording studios, live concerts, broadcast stations, and film production sets. The key factors to consider when selecting equipment include sound quality, durability, compatibility, and specific use cases.

Key Elements to Consider

  • Sound Quality: Prioritize equipment with high fidelity and minimal noise levels.
  • Durability: Ensure the gear can withstand rigorous use and frequent transport.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the equipment integrates well with your existing systems.
  • Specific Use Case: Select gear tailored to your particular needs, whether for live performances or studio recordings.

Types of Professional Audio Equipment

  1. Microphones: These are essential for capturing sound. They come in various types, including dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones, each suitable for different recording environments and sound characteristics.
  2. Mixing Consoles: Used to combine, process, and route audio signals, high-end models offer extensive routing options, digital effects, and connectivity.
  3. Audio Interfaces: These convert analog signals to digital for computer recording and vice versa for playback, varying in inputs/outputs and supported resolutions.
  4. Speakers and Monitors: Accurate sound reproduction is crucial in professional settings. Studio monitors are designed for a flat frequency response to ensure precise mixing.
  5. Amplifiers: They boost audio signals to drive speakers, ensuring clarity and power without distortion.
  6. Headphones: Used for monitoring and mixing, professional headphones provide superior sound isolation and accuracy.

Brands and Pricing

  • Yamaha: Known for its reliable, high-quality audio products like the Yamaha PM10 mixing console.
  • Shure: Famous for industry-standard microphones, including the SM58 and SM7B.
  • Sennheiser: Renowned for microphones and headphones used in both studio and live settings.
  • Neumann: A premium brand known for its high-end studio microphones, such as the U87.

Prices for professional audio equipment vary significantly. For instance, a Shure SM58 microphone can cost around $100, while a Neumann U87 studio microphone can exceed $3,000. Mixing consoles range from a few hundred dollars for small analog models to tens of thousands for large digital consoles.


Carefully assessing the specific needs of your project or environment is essential when investing in professional audio equipment. The right choices can significantly enhance audio production quality, whether for live concerts, recording studios, or broadcast stations.