Welcome to Kitmondo, your trusted source for quality used industrial machinery. Our range includes versatile and high-performance tray sealers, ideal for various applications in the packaging industry.

Priced between €5,000 and €30,000, our tray sealers are designed to efficiently seal trays and maintain product freshness. Key features include high-speed operation, precision sealing, vacuum and gas flushing options, and user-friendly controls.

We proudly feature machinery from top manufacturers such as Multivac, Ilpra, and Sealpac. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure exceptional performance and longevity.

Choosing pre-owned industrial machinery from Kitmondo means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality or performance. Trust us to elevate your packaging operations to new heights of productivity. Explore our extensive range today and let us help you find the perfect tray sealer for your industrial needs.

Multivac T 300 Tray sealer

Year: 2019

Sealing width 205 mm
Cycle/min 30
Sealing length 160 mm

Multivac T 300 Tray sealer

Year: 2014

Sealing width 160 mm
Cycle/min 30
Sealing length 205 mm

REISERPACK RC430-VR Semiautomatic Traysealer

Year: 2021

Sealing width 420 mm
Type Semi- automatic
Sealing length 280 mm

MONDINI SPA PN-35-VG + VSB/C Automatic vacuum / gas sealing machine complete with 3 moulds

Year: 2005

Sealing width 325 mm
Cycle/min 15
Sealing length 265 mm
Type Automatic

Used Alipack AM 40 VG Tray sealer

Year: 2005

Sealing width 325 mm
Type Semi- automatic
Sealing length 265 mm

Packaging Automation Eclipse SL4 Tray sealer

Year: 2014

Sealing width 112 mm
Cycle/min 75
Sealing length 178 mm
Type Automatic


Year: 2003

Sealing width 380 mm
Type Automatic
Sealing length 270 mm

VC 999 TS 1200 Tray sealer

Year: 2002

Introducing the VC 999 TS 1200 Tray Sealer, a high-quality automatic heat sealer designed by INAVEN MASCHINEN AG (VC999). This model is specifically crafted for packaging preformed containers in a vacuum heat-sealing format with a modified atmosphere. The machine excels in enhancing product conservation, presentation, and facilitates easy storage and transportation. Key Features: - Manufacturer: VC 999 - Model: TS …

Multivac T700 Tray sealer

Year: 2012

Sealing width 145 mm
Cycle/min 20
Sealing length 145 mm

Rovema HVS 160U Tray sealer

Year: 2005

Sealing width 160 mm
Cycle/min 95
Sealing length 220 mm
Type Automatic

MECAPACK FS 930 Thermoforming machine

Year: 2009

Sealing width 280 mm
Cycle/min 17
Sealing length 0 mm

Multivac C 500 Double chamber packing machine

Year: 2005

Sealing width 650 mm
Cycle/min 2
Sealing length 740 mm

O.R.M.A.D. COM SRL O.S. 600 VG INOX Tray sealer

Year: 2006

Sealing width 320 mm
Cycle/min 7
Sealing length 260 mm
Type Semi- automatic

Cryovac VS 26 Darfresh Tray sealer

Year: 2007

Sealing width 160 mm
Sealing length 230 mm


Year: 2008

Sealing width 320 mm
Cycle/min 7
Sealing length 260 mm
Type Semi- automatic

MULTIVAC C500 Tray sealer

Year: 2007

Sealing width 650 mm
Cycle/min 2
Sealing length 740 mm

Understanding Tray Sealers in the Kitmondo Packaging Machinery Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we connect professionals with top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Our extensive range of offerings in the Packaging and Conditioning category includes essential equipment such as Tray Sealers. Here’s an in-depth look at these machines, their significance, and why Kitmondo is your go-to marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Tray Sealers?

Tray sealers are specialized packaging machines designed to seal trays containing food or other products with a film lid. These machines ensure the freshness, protection, and extended shelf life of packaged goods. Widely used in the food industry, tray sealers are essential for packaging fresh produce, ready meals, meat, fish, and dairy products.

Types of Tray Sealers

  • Manual Tray Sealers: Require manual loading and unloading of trays, ideal for small-scale operations.
  • Semi-Automatic Tray Sealers: Combine manual tray loading with automated sealing, suitable for moderate production volumes.
  • Fully Automatic Tray Sealers: Fully automate the tray sealing process, including tray loading, sealing, and unloading, perfect for high-volume production lines.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Tray Sealers: Seal trays in a modified atmosphere to extend the shelf life of perishable products by replacing the air inside the package with a gas mixture.
  • Skin Pack Tray Sealers: Seal a film tightly over the product and tray, creating a vacuum-like package that enhances product appearance and shelf life.
  • Vacuum Tray Sealers: Remove air from the tray before sealing, ideal for products that require a vacuum-sealed environment for extended freshness.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Tray Sealers

Navigating the world of used industrial machinery can be complex, but Kitmondo makes it simple. Here are the key benefits of purchasing through us:


Investing in new tray sealers can be a significant expense, especially for small businesses or startups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost, ensuring excellent value. Our listings for used tray sealers typically range from €5,000 to €50,000, reflecting factors like age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance

Every machine listed on Kitmondo undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure it’s in excellent working condition. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even pre-owned machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Tray sealers are crucial for efficient and secure packaging operations across multiple industries. Whether you’re buying or selling, Kitmondo provides a reliable platform that ensures convenience and value. Join us in revolutionizing packaging – where tradition meets innovation.

Advantages of Tray Sealers

Tray sealers offer numerous benefits, making them essential in the packaging industry:

  • Extended Shelf Life: Seal trays with a protective film to prevent contamination and preserve freshness.
  • Enhanced Product Presentation: Provide a clean, professional appearance for packaged goods, improving marketability and consumer appeal.
  • Versatility: Handle various tray sizes, shapes, and materials, making them valuable assets for diverse packaging projects.
  • Increased Efficiency: Significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the sealing process, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention.
  • Reduced Waste: Use precise amounts of sealing film, reducing material waste and improving cost-efficiency.

Key Parameters of Tray Sealers

When assessing tray sealers, consider these critical parameters:

  • Sealing Speed: The speed at which the machine can seal trays, typically measured in trays per minute (TPM).
  • Tray Size and Compatibility: The range of tray sizes and materials the machine can handle.
  • Sealing Method: The type of sealing method used (heat sealing, vacuum sealing, MAP, skin pack).
  • Automation Level: The degree of automation, from manual to fully automated.
  • Gas Flushing Capability: For MAP tray sealers, the ability to flush trays with a specific gas mixture.
  • Vacuum Capability: For vacuum tray sealers, the ability to remove air from the tray before sealing.

Areas of Use for Tray Sealers

Tray sealers, given their versatility and capacity for high-quality sealing, find application in multiple areas:

  • Food Industry: Packaging fresh produce, ready meals, meat, fish, dairy products, and other perishable foods.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Sealing trays for medical devices, ensuring sterile and secure packaging.
  • Consumer Goods: Sealing trays of various consumer products, providing tamper-evident packaging and enhancing product presentation.
  • Hospitality and Catering: Packaging meals and ingredients for hotels, restaurants, and catering services.

Leading Manufacturers of Tray Sealers

Several top manufacturers are renowned for their innovative and high-quality tray sealers:

  • Multivac: Offers advanced tray sealers known for their precision and reliability.
  • Sealpac: Provides efficient and versatile tray sealers for various applications.
  • ILPRA: Specializes in robust and precise tray sealers designed for high-performance operations.
  • G.Mondini: Known for a comprehensive range of reliable and efficient tray sealers.
  • Ishida: Offers high-quality tray sealers designed for precision and efficiency in packaging applications.
  • Ossid (ProMach): Specializes in tray sealing and packaging machinery.


Tray sealers are invaluable assets in the packaging industry, providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for sealing trays of various products. Whether for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, or hospitality, these machines ensure superior product security and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo’s support, acquiring or selling tray sealers becomes a seamless and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on delivering exceptional products with secure and reliable packaging.