At Kitmondo, we provide a diverse selection of used dumper trucks, essential for heavy-duty material transportation in construction and mining operations. These sturdy vehicles are built to haul large quantities of earth, gravel, sand, and other materials, making them indispensable for site preparation, excavation, and mining activities. Our dumper trucks are priced from €20,000 for basic models to €300,000 for advanced, high-capacity units from leading brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, and Terex. Each truck offers unique specifications, including load capacity, engine power, drive type (e.g., 4x4, 6x6), and advanced safety features, ensuring they meet your specific operational requirements.

Key considerations when selecting a dumper truck include the type and volume of materials to be transported, the terrain and working conditions, the truck's load capacity and fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance. These factors are critical for achieving efficient and cost-effective material transport, optimizing productivity, and ensuring the durability and reliability of your fleet. Investing in used dumper trucks from Kitmondo not only grants access to top-tier vehicles at significantly reduced prices but also promotes sustainability by extending the lifespan of durable machinery.

Explore Kitmondo’s listings today to find reliable dumper trucks that offer excellent performance and exceptional value for your heavy-duty material transportation needs. Trust in Kitmondo's dedication to superior customer service to help you select the ideal dumper truck to enhance your construction and mining operations.

PERLINI DP655 Dumper truck

Year: 1999

Rigid Dump Truck PERLINI model DP655 - Year 1999 - Hours of operation11,719 - Engine power kW 504 - (Hp) 675 - Total weight kg 38,000 - Height mm. 4,500 - Operating width mm. 4,500 - Length mm. 9,500 - Capacity mc 35 - Tire size 21.00 R35 Fully functional

Articulated Dumper Caterpillar 730C2 Used

Year: 2016

Make : CATERPILLAR Year of manufacture : 2016 Model : 730C2 Hours** : 5775 Weight : 23700 Kg Caterpillar 730C2 Dumper from 2016. In good condition, this dumper has 5775 hours of use and weighs 23700 kg. The size of its tires is 23.5 R 25 and its width is 3 M 70. It is equipped with a 17.5 M3 …

Articulated Dumper Bell B30C 6X6 Used

Year: 1999

Make : BELL Year of manufacture : 1999 Model : B30C 6X6 Hours** : 17730 Weight : 18200 Kg Bell B30C 6X6 dumper from 1999. In good condition, this dumper has 17730 hours and weighs 18200 kg. The size of its tires is 23.5 R 25 and its width is 2 M 94. It is equipped with a skip with …

Articulated Dumper Bell Adt B30E 6X6 Wdb Used

Year: 2014

Make : BELL Year of manufacture : 2014 Model : ADT B30E 6X6 WDB Hours** : 8000 Weight : 20000 Kg

MAN - CIFA TGA 33-460 - Invetta 36X Dumper truck

Year: 2004

MAN Truck Mounted Concrete Pump - CIFA TGA 33-460 - Invetta 36X MAN TGA 33-460 3-Axle Truck With plant Concrete pump CIFA Invetta 36X - Pump Version PA 807 F8-H - Year 2004 - Wheelbase (mm)3500 - Transport length (mm)10100 - Transport height (mm)4000 - Pipe diameter (mm)100Sections4 - Maximum height (mm)35460 - Horizontal radius (mm)32480 - Minimum opening height …

Mini Dumper Wacker Neuson Dw90 Machine Suisse Used

Year: 2018

Make : WACKER NEUSON Year of manufacture : 2018 Model : DW90 MACHINE SUISSE Hours** : 1980 Hours** : 1980 Weight : 5549 Kg

Articulated Dumper Bell Adt B30E 6X6 Wdb Used

Year: 2018

Make : BELL Year of manufacture : 2018 Model : ADT B30E 6X6 WDB Hours** : 2610 Weight : 20100 Kg

Articulated Dumper Caterpillar 730 Used

Year: 2022

Make : CATERPILLAR Year of manufacture : 2022 Model : 730 Hours** : 700 Weight : 26000 Kg Caterpillar 730 Dumper from 2022. In good condition, this dumper has 700 hours of use and weighs 23700 kg. The size of its tires is 23.5 R 25 and its width is 3 M 70. It is equipped with a 17.5 M3 …


Year: 1999

Volvo A30C 6X6 Dumper from 1999. In good condition, this dumper has 19,670 hours of use and weighs 21,500 kg. The size of its tires is 30/65 R 25 and its width is 2 M 98. The capacity of the flat skip is 13.3 M3 and the capacity with dome is 16.5 M3. Its payload is 27 T and its …

PERLINI 366 Dumper truck


RIGID DUMP TRUCK, PERLINI 366 - Working hours 7,807 - Total loaded weight: 64,600 kg. - Vehicle tare weight with dump truck: 28,600 kg. - Payload capacity: 36,000 kg. - ENGINE: S/N 12VA . 50852 - Engine DETROIT : 2 stroke No. CYLINDERS: 12 -. - MAX POWER (SAE): 420 HP at 2100 rpm - TOTAL CILINDRATE: 13941 cm³ - …

Articulated Dumper Volvo A30G Used

Year: 2020

Make : VOLVO Year of manufacture : 2020 Model : A30G Hours** : 6541 Km** : 68044


Year: 2009

Operating Weight: 460 kg Tracks: 80% Operating Hours: Unknown Engine: Kubota

BELL B40D Dumper

Year: 2012

Year: 2012 Weight: 29850 Working hours: 15190 Bell B40D dumptruck 29.850 KG empty weight / 66.851 KG fully loaded Rated payload: 37.000 KG – 23 – 27M³ Mercedes Benz V6, OM 501 LA turbocharged intercooled 335KW (449 HP) with about 15190 working hours (tier IIIB – 4I emission) Fully automatic Allison planetary transmission with 6 forward gears and one reverse …

TEREX TA400 Dumper

Year: 2013

Year: 2013 Weight: 31390 Working hours: 6208 Terex TA400 dumptruck generation 9 31.390 KG empty weight / 68.820 KG fully loaded Rated payload: 38.000 KG – 23M³ 6 cylinder charged 331KW (444 HP) Scania DC13 Engine and Allison HD4560 transmission with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear with retarder. Bridgestone 29.5R25 tyres about 50% good, in nice and original …

Liebherr TA 230

Year: 2022

Year of manufacture:2022 Hours of use:1092 h Extra equipment: Zentralschmieranlage, LED, Kamera, Garantie bis 05/2026 oder 4.000 h, Air conditioning, Tailgate, Rotating beacon, Extra equipment, Body heating, Body exhaust heating Engine output:360 hp Gross Weight:25900 kg

Used TEREX TA30 articulated dump truck

Year: 2002

Brand TEREX Model TA30 Type articulated dump truck Year of manufacture 2002 Running hours 13000 m/h Articulated Dumper Terex TA30 Year 2002 13000 hours Front tires 10% good Back tires 60% good Good working condition


Year: 2022

Dump Truck Unloading Conveyors with 48" Belt, 10' Hopper and a 7.5' Discharge Height. Conveys up to 1500 Tons per Hour of 100pcf Material. Electric, Hydraulic and Diesel Motor Option

Used 1988 CATERPILLAR 769C

Year: 1988

1988 CAT 769C Rigid Frame Truck 28,295 hours, Machine runs and operate, engine good but has a leak in RH rear, transmission has some leaks, radiator in good condition, Torque converter is leaking, comes with an spare engine.

Used 1989 CATERPILLAR 769C

Year: 1989

1989 CAT 769C Rigid Frame Truck 27,538 hours, transmission is newer, did not start because the engine has the #4 injector tip cracked, radiator in good condition. Spare engine.

Used 2013 International 4300 Flat Deck Truck W/ Air Brakes

Year: 2013

2013 International 4300 Flat deck Truck good running and driving condition Inspected until October 2023 20′ deck with 8 hold down winches 166,500 km’s Diesel Automatic transmision Air brakes AC Cruise radio New front and rear tires (less than 300 km’s since installed] New exhaust & catalitic recently serviced 14,968 GVW **** loaded items not included****

Powering Heavy-Duty Operations: A Comprehensive Guide to Dumper Trucks

Dumper trucks, also known as dump trucks or tipper trucks, play an essential role in the construction and mining industries. These robust vehicles are designed to transport and unload large quantities of loose materials such as sand, gravel, demolition waste, and ores. By understanding the different types, features, and considerations for purchasing dumper trucks, you can significantly enhance your project's efficiency and productivity. Kitmondo, a premier online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a diverse selection of dumper trucks, providing businesses with access to top-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Dumper Trucks

Dumper trucks come in various configurations to meet specific project needs. Here’s an overview of the main types:

Standard Dump Trucks

Standard dump trucks are commonly used in construction and mining for transporting and dumping materials. They feature a hydraulic lifting mechanism that tilts the truck bed to unload the contents.

  • Rear Dump Trucks: The most common type, these trucks have a rear-hinged tailgate and unload materials by tipping the bed backward. Ideal for general construction and mining tasks.
  • Side Dump Trucks: Feature a hydraulic mechanism that tilts the bed to the side for unloading. Suitable for operations where space is limited or where lateral unloading is required.
  • Bottom Dump Trucks: Equipped with a clam shell-type gate at the bottom of the bed for precise material placement. Ideal for road construction and spreading materials evenly.

Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs)

Articulated dump trucks are designed for rugged terrains and heavy-duty applications. They consist of a two-part chassis, with the cab and front axle connected to the rear dump body by a pivot point.

  • Standard ADTs: Versatile and highly maneuverable, suitable for off-road conditions and large-scale mining operations.
  • High-Capacity ADTs: Built for transporting large volumes of material, offering increased payload capacity and efficiency.

Rigid Dump Trucks

Rigid dump trucks are built for stability and high payload capacity, making them suitable for large-scale mining and heavy-duty construction projects.

  • Mining Rigid Dump Trucks: Designed for mining operations, these trucks offer exceptional durability and can handle extremely heavy loads.
  • Construction Rigid Dump Trucks: Used in large construction projects, offering high stability and payload capacity for transporting bulk materials.

Track Dumper Trucks

Track dumper trucks, or crawler dumpers, are equipped with tracks instead of wheels, providing excellent traction on soft, muddy, or uneven terrain.

  • Mini Track Dumpers: Small, compact dumpers ideal for landscaping, small construction sites, and confined spaces.
  • Heavy-Duty Track Dumpers: Larger models designed for rough terrain and heavy loads, suitable for mining and large construction projects.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a dumper truck, it is crucial to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the machine meets your operational requirements. Key factors include:

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity determines the maximum weight the truck can carry. Ensure the truck can handle your specific material volumes and project needs. Kitmondo’s listings provide detailed specifications on payload capacity, helping you find a machine that matches your requirements.

Engine Power

Engine power, measured in horsepower (HP), affects the truck’s ability to transport heavy loads, especially on inclines and rough terrains. Higher engine power ensures better performance and efficiency.

Dumping Mechanism

The type of dumping mechanism (rear, side, bottom) should match your operational requirements for material unloading. Each mechanism offers different advantages depending on the specific application.

Mobility and Maneuverability

Consider the truck's mobility and maneuverability, especially if your project involves navigating tight spaces or rough terrain. Articulated dump trucks offer excellent maneuverability, while track dumpers provide superior traction on soft ground.

Build Quality and Durability

The build quality and durability of the truck are essential for long-term operational efficiency. Trucks constructed from high-quality materials, such as hardened steel, are more resistant to wear and tear. Easy-to-maintain designs and accessible components simplify maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. Kitmondo provides information on the condition and maintenance history of used trucks, aiding in informed decision-making.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in construction and mining operations. Look for trucks with safety features such as roll-over protection systems (ROPS), falling object protection systems (FOPS), emergency stop buttons, and robust braking systems to protect operators.

Leading Brands in Dumper Trucks

Choosing reputable brands ensures higher quality and reliable support. Here are some top brands in the dumper truck market:

  • Caterpillar: Known for their high-precision and innovative machines, Caterpillar offers robust solutions suitable for various construction and mining applications.
  • Komatsu: Renowned for their durable and advanced technology, Komatsu’s trucks are popular in the industry.
  • Volvo: Provides a range of high-performance dumper trucks, known for their reliability and efficiency in demanding applications.
  • Bell: Offers versatile dumper trucks characterized by efficiency and robustness, suitable for large-scale operations.
  • Terex: Known for high-quality trucks designed for precision and high-capacity hauling, ideal for complex and high-volume projects.

Kitmondo features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Dumper Trucks

The cost of used dumper trucks varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars. For example, a used Caterpillar articulated dump truck might be priced around $50,000 to $150,000, while a high-end Komatsu rigid dump truck could cost between $200,000 and $500,000. Kitmondo’s marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Dumper trucks are indispensable machines in the construction and mining industries, offering efficient and reliable solutions for transporting and unloading large quantities of materials. By understanding the different types of trucks and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance their operational capabilities. Kitmondo offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a standard dump truck, an articulated dump truck, a rigid dump truck, or a track dumper, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your needs.