Kitmondo, a leading marketplace for used industrial machinery, showcases a diverse selection of PCB screen printing machines that merge innovative technology with cost-effectiveness. Featuring equipment from top manufacturers like DEK, MPM, and EKRA, Kitmondo guarantees machines that deliver precise, high-quality printing with exceptional durability. With prices ranging from €10,000 to €80,000, Kitmondo supports businesses of all sizes, offering a balanced mix of affordability and quality.

In the electronics industry, screen printing machines are vital for applying solder paste and other materials to printed circuit boards. These machines ensure accurate alignment and consistent application, which are crucial for achieving high-quality PCB assemblies.

Kitmondo not only provides competitive pricing but also allows professionals to assess critical machine parameters, making sure each purchase is well-informed and tailored to specific requirements. Dive into Kitmondo’s extensive collection and upgrade your electronics manufacturing capabilities with reliable, efficient screen printing machines. Enhance your production line’s precision and consistency with Kitmondo’s superior machinery solutions.

ETA Full-auto printer P4034 Screen printing machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

PCB length 400 mm
Print speed 200 mm/s
PCB width 340 mm

ISSN HPA 350 Screen printing machine

Year: 1987

PCB length 500 mm
Print speed 100 mm/s
PCB width 350 mm

EKRA S40 Screen printing machine

Year: 1995

PCB length 500 mm
Print speed 100 mm/s
PCB width 500 mm

Used Speedprint SP700AVI in Hungary

Year: 2011

Speedprint SP700AVI Video and more pictures upon request Located in Budapest

DEK Ela Screen printing machine

Year: 2000

PCB length 510 mm
Print speed 150 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

DEK HORIZON 03i Screen printing machine Low working hours

Year: 1006

PCB length 508 mm
Print speed 150 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

Dek Horizon 8 Screen Printer

Year: 2015

Dek Horizon 8 Screen Printer Machine is in excellent condition Maximum printing surface: 508 mm(X) ×508 mm(Y) Standard speed: 10 second + process Magazines are included DEK Instinctiv V9 software DEK HawkEye 1700 digital camera

DEK EUROPA Screen printing machine

Year: 2008

PCB length 610 mm
PCB width 508 mm

Used TSI Wald 500 Screen printing machine

Year: 2004

PCB length 350 mm
PCB width 450 mm

ERSA Versaprint S1 Screen printing machine

Year: 2008

PCB length 550 mm
PCB width 500 mm

SJ innotech HP-680S Screen Printing Machine

Year: 2021

SJ innotech HP-680S Screen Printing Machine Machine is in excellent condition Full automatic

EKRA X5 Professional Large, Screen and Stencil Printer

Year: 2014

PCB length 66 mm
Print speed 600 mm/s
PCB width 55 mm

DEK ELA Screen printing machine

Year: 2002

PCB length 510 mm
Print speed 1 mm/s
PCB width 508 mm

SpeedPrint SP710 Screen Printer

Year: 2015

PCB length 600 mm
Print speed 250 mm/s
PCB width 510 mm

SJ INNO TECH HP-620S-CE Screen printing machine

Year: 2009

Screen printer SJ INNO TECH HP-620S-CE yes 2009 Model HP-620S-CE

EKRA X5-36 Screen and Stencil Printer

Year: 2013

PCB length 915 mm
Print speed 199 mm/s
PCB width 610 mm

ERSA Versaprint P1 Screen printing machine

Year: 2016

The ERSA Versaprint P1 is a high-precision screen printing machine commonly used in the electronics manufacturing industry, specifically for the application of solder paste or adhesives onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) before the component placement process. Key Features: Integrated 2D and 3D Inspection: The Versaprint P1 comes with integrated inspection systems that allow for both 2D and 3D inspection of …

DEK Europa Screen printing machine

Year: 2007

PCB length 610 mm
PCB width 508 mm

EKRA X5-36 Screen and Stencil Printer

Year: 2013

PCB length 915 mm
Print speed 199 mm/s
PCB width 610 mm

SPEEDPRINT AVI 200 Screen Printer

Year: 2007

PCB length 450 mm
Print speed 520 mm/s
PCB width 400 mm

Exploring Screen Printing Machines in the Kitmondo Electronics Marketplace

At Kitmondo, our mission is to connect professionals with the best industrial machinery solutions available. Our extensive catalog includes essential equipment for the electronics sector, particularly for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Today, we spotlight Screen Printing Machines, delving into their significance, functionality, and why Kitmondo is your top choice for buying or selling these machines.

What are Screen Printing Machines?

Screen printing machines play a crucial role in PCB manufacturing. These machines apply solder paste or conductive inks onto PCBs via a stencil or screen. This process is vital for ensuring accurate placement of solder paste on the pads where electronic components will be mounted. Screen printing is key to achieving uniform and precise application, which is essential for producing high-quality electronic assemblies.

Types of Screen Printing Machines

  1. Manual Screen Printing Machines: Operated by hand, these are ideal for low-volume production or prototyping.
  2. Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machines: These machines blend manual loading with automated printing processes, offering a cost-efficient balance.
  3. Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machines: These machines feature automated loading, alignment, and printing, perfect for high-volume production with excellent precision and consistency.
  4. Inline Screen Printing Machines: Integrated into the production line, these machines enable continuous and seamless printing operations.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Screen Printing Machines

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be challenging, but Kitmondo makes it easy. For those looking to purchase, the benefits are clear.

Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing new screen printing machines can be a substantial financial burden, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers a more economical option, providing high-quality used machines at a fraction of the cost. Typically, used screen printing machines on our platform range between €5,000 and €50,000, depending on factors like age, brand, condition, and additional features.

Quality Assurance: Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for immediate use. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures that used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach: Screen printing machines are indispensable for precise and efficient PCB assembly. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Kitmondo offers a platform that guarantees convenience, reliability, and value. Step into the future of electronics manufacturing with Kitmondo – where tradition meets innovation.

Key Benefits of Screen Printing Machines

Screen printing machines are indispensable in electronics manufacturing due to their numerous advantages. Here are some key benefits:

High Precision: These machines ensure accurate application of solder paste or conductive inks, critical for the proper function and reliability of electronic assemblies.

Increased Efficiency: Automated screen printing machines significantly boost production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. This efficiency leads to higher productivity and lower labor costs.

Consistency: Modern screen printing machines provide consistent and uniform material application, reducing variability and ensuring high-quality results.

Versatility: These machines can handle various types of solder pastes, adhesives, and conductive inks, making them valuable across different electronics manufacturing sectors.

Main Machine Parameters of Screen Printing Machines

When evaluating screen printing machines, several key parameters ensure they meet specific requirements:

  • Print Area: The maximum size of the PCB that the machine can handle, crucial for determining its suitability for different applications.
  • Alignment Accuracy: The precision with which the machine aligns the stencil or screen with the PCB, ensuring accurate application of materials.
  • Print Speed: The speed at which the machine can complete the printing process, influencing production rates and throughput.
  • Squeegee Pressure and Speed: The control over squeegee pressure and speed, affecting the quality and uniformity of the printed material.
  • Automation Level: The degree of automation, ranging from manual to fully automatic systems, affecting ease of use and operational efficiency.
  • Cleaning System: The presence and type of cleaning system to remove excess solder paste or ink from the stencil or screen, ensuring consistent print quality.
  • Vision System: The type and quality of the vision system used for alignment and inspection, including cameras and sensors.

Applications of Screen Printing Machines

Given their versatility and capacity for high-quality printing, screen printing machines are used in various areas:

Consumer Electronics: Essential for applying solder paste or conductive inks on PCBs in smartphones, tablets, computers, and other consumer electronic devices, ensuring high precision and reliability.

Automotive Industry: Crucial for creating PCBs used in automotive applications, such as engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety components.

Telecommunications: Applied in the production of PCBs for communication devices and infrastructure, maintaining signal integrity and reliability.

Aerospace and Defense: Necessary for producing high-precision PCBs used in aerospace and defense electronics, where reliability and performance are paramount.

Medical Devices: Used for manufacturing PCBs in medical equipment, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.

Industrial Equipment: Applied in various industrial electronics applications, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Leading Manufacturers of Screen Printing Machines

Several renowned manufacturers in the electronics industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers of screen printing machines:

DEK (ASM Assembly Systems): A leading provider of SMT screen printing equipment, DEK offers advanced solutions known for their precision and reliability.

EKRA (ASYS Group): Renowned for their high-quality screen printing machines, EKRA provides efficient and versatile equipment for various applications in electronics manufacturing.

Panasonic Factory Solutions: Offers a comprehensive range of screen printing machines known for their efficiency, accuracy, and robust performance in electronics manufacturing.

Speedline Technologies (ITW EAE): Provides advanced screen printing solutions designed for high precision and high-volume production environments.

Essemtec: Known for their flexible and high-precision SMT equipment, Essemtec offers screen printing machines suitable for various production environments.

MPM (Speedline Technologies): Specializes in advanced screen printing technology, offering high-quality equipment designed for precision and high-volume production.

When considering a purchase or researching screen printing machines, it's essential to look into these manufacturers' specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand has its strengths, specialties, and technological innovations that cater to different printing requirements.


Screen printing machines are invaluable assets in the electronics manufacturing industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for the precise application of solder paste and conductive inks on PCBs. Whether for consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, or aerospace applications, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With the support of Kitmondo, acquiring or selling screen printing machines becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing exceptional electronic products.