Kitmondo, a premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, presents an expertly curated selection of complete power plant units, merging innovative technology with cost-effectiveness. Featuring units from esteemed manufacturers like Siemens, GE, and ABB, Kitmondo ensures efficiency, high-quality energy production, and robust durability. With prices ranging from €500,000 to €10,000,000, Kitmondo accommodates businesses of all sizes, offering a perfect balance between affordability and quality.

Complete power plant units are critical for generating electricity across various industrial applications. These comprehensive systems include turbines, generators, and control systems, providing turnkey solutions to meet diverse power generation needs.

Key Elements to Consider

  • Capacity: Ensure the power plant can meet your energy production requirements.
  • Efficiency: Look for units that maximize energy output while minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Durability: Choose power plants from reputable manufacturers known for reliable performance and longevity.
  • Advanced Control Systems: Opt for units with modern control systems for better monitoring and management.

At Kitmondo, professionals benefit from competitive pricing and the ability to thoroughly evaluate essential machine parameters, making well-informed purchasing decisions tailored to their specific needs. Discover Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and elevate your energy production capabilities with reliable and efficient power plant units. Enhance your industrial operations with Kitmondo’s top-tier power generation solutions.

Used 2MW Biomass Plant in great condition

Year: 2009

Discover a unique investment opportunity with this meticulously maintained 2MW Biomass Plant, situated in the heart of Spain. Constructed in 2009 by the renowned Iberdrola, this facility has been engineered to the most exacting standards, showcasing a commitment to quality and efficiency. Until its pause in February 2023, due to regulatory adjustments, the plant enjoyed a robust operational history, demonstrating …

Used complete KALINA system plant


The Kalina plant was assembled and completed by 2016 as a facility to generate electricity and provide heat from geothermal energy. From 2016 to 2018, the commissioning of the power generation plant took place. After commissioning, the Kalina plant could only be operated at partial load. Later, technical problems arose, particularly with the turbine. Operation was discontinued and the geothermal …

Containerized Wartsila 9L20 Power Plant

Year: 2009

4 pcs x Wartsila 9L20 Complete HFO Containerized Power Plant including Auxiliary and MV /LV System Each Power Generation Set includes this equipment : GENERATING CONTAINER (SET) : ( 1 X GENERATING SET + 1 X AUXILIARY CONTAINER SET) 1)GENERATING SET : ENGINE: Wärtsilä 9L20 engine GENERATOR:11,000 Volt; 50 Hz COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM CHARGE AIR SYSTEM EXHAUST SYSTEM LEAK FUEL …

Zetaltec 1250 Power plant


Zetaltec Magenta 1250 Axial Fan - Type VHA 1250.5.4 - Voltage 400 volts - R.P.M. 1475 - Static pressure (PA)1066 - Motor power Kw 75 - Volume flow rate 110,880 mc/h. - 30.8 mc/s - Double Silencer Specifications in attached pdf

Understanding Complete Power Plant Production Units in the Kitmondo Factory Equipment Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we specialize in connecting professionals with premium industrial machinery solutions. Among our diverse range of offerings, our Factory Equipment category features Complete Production Units for power plants. Let's delve into what these production units involve, their significance, and why Kitmondo is the ideal marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Complete Power Plant Production Units?

Complete power plant production units are comprehensive systems designed to generate electricity from various energy sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable resources. These units integrate all necessary equipment and technologies to convert raw energy into electrical power and manage its distribution efficiently. Power plants are critical infrastructures, providing the energy required for industrial operations, commercial activities, and residential needs.

Types of Power Plants

  • Thermal Power Plants: Use heat energy from burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil) or nuclear reactions to generate electricity.
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants: Harness the energy of flowing or falling water to produce electricity.
  • Solar Power Plants: Convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells or solar thermal systems.
  • Wind Power Plants: Utilize wind turbines to transform wind energy into electrical power.
  • Biomass Power Plants: Generate electricity by burning organic materials such as wood, agricultural residues, or waste.
  • Geothermal Power Plants: Exploit heat from the Earth's interior to produce electricity.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Complete Power Plant Production Units

Navigating the market for used industrial machinery can be challenging, but Kitmondo makes it easier. For those looking to purchase, several key benefits stand out.

Cost-Effectiveness Purchasing new power plant production units can be a significant financial undertaking, especially for small and medium enterprises or developing regions. Kitmondo offers these units at a fraction of the cost of new ones, providing excellent value for money. On our platform, used power plant production units typically range from €500,000 to €50,000,000, reflecting the variety available in terms of age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the machinery is in excellent working condition and ready for immediate use. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even pre-owned equipment meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach Complete power plant production units are essential for efficient and reliable electricity generation. Whether you're looking to invest or sell, Kitmondo provides a platform ensuring convenience, reliability, and value. Step into the future of energy production with Kitmondo – where innovation meets tradition.

Main Advantages of Complete Power Plant Production Units

Complete power plant production units offer numerous benefits, making them indispensable:

  • Reliable Energy Production: Provide a consistent and dependable electricity source, supporting various industrial, commercial, and residential activities.
  • Scalability: Can be scaled up or down based on energy demand, offering flexibility to meet varying needs.
  • Efficiency: Modern units incorporate advanced technologies to maximize energy conversion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and operational costs.
  • Environmental Benefits: Renewable energy plants significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Energy Independence: Enhances energy security by reducing dependence on external sources.

Main Components of Power Plant Production Units

When evaluating power plant production units, several key components are critical:

  • Boilers and Steam Generators: Convert water into steam using heat from fuel combustion, essential in thermal power plants.
  • Turbines: Transform steam, water, wind, or other fluid energy into mechanical energy to drive generators.
  • Generators: Convert mechanical energy from turbines into electrical energy.
  • Transformers: Adjust the voltage of generated electricity for efficient transmission and distribution.
  • Control Systems: Monitor and control various processes within the plant, ensuring efficient and safe operation.
  • Cooling Systems: Dissipate excess heat generated during electricity production, maintaining optimal conditions.
  • Fuel Handling Systems: Manage the delivery and processing of fuels required for power generation.

Applications of Power Plant Production Units

Complete power plant production units are versatile and essential across various sectors:

  • Industrial Operations: Provide reliable power for manufacturing plants, refineries, and other industrial operations.
  • Commercial Buildings: Supply electricity to offices, shopping malls, and data centers.
  • Residential Areas: Provide electricity to communities, ensuring reliable power for homes and public services.
  • Rural Electrification: Enhance energy access in remote areas, supporting local development.
  • Emergency Backup: Serve as backup power sources for critical infrastructure like hospitals and airports.

Leading Manufacturers of Power Plant Production Units

Several renowned manufacturers specialize in complete power plant production units, known for their quality and innovation:

  • Siemens AG: Global leader in energy solutions, offering advanced power plant technology.
  • General Electric (GE): Renowned for high-quality power generation equipment.
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS): Specializes in robust and efficient power plant technology.
  • ABB Group: Experts in power and automation technologies.
  • Alstom: Known for innovative power generation and grid solutions.
  • Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions: Provides comprehensive power generation solutions for various energy sources.

When researching or purchasing power plant production units, consider these manufacturers' models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand offers unique strengths and technological innovations for different energy production needs.


Complete power plant production units are invaluable assets in the energy sector, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for generating electricity from various sources. Whether for industrial operations, commercial buildings, residential areas, or rural electrification, these units ensure superior energy production and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo's support, acquiring or selling power plant production units becomes straightforward and reliable, enabling businesses and communities to focus on powering the future.