Kitmondo offers a wide selection of leveling and straightening machines, essential for the sheet metal processing industry. These machines play a crucial role in eliminating deformations in metal sheets, preparing them for precise operations in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and electronics. With prices ranging from €25,000 to €85,000, Kitmondo provides options to suit various budget requirements.

When choosing a machine on Kitmondo, it's important to consider factors like working width, material thickness, roll diameter, machine speed, and the adjustment mechanism. Prominent manufacturers such as Schleicher, Kohler, ARKU, and WMW often list their machines on the platform, ensuring a blend of reliability and high performance.

Purchasing or selling on Kitmondo gives users access to a global marketplace, offering a wide array of choices and competitive pricing. Sellers benefit from connecting with a large pool of potential buyers from different industries, while buyers can perform detailed comparisons to find the perfect machine for their specific needs.

Investing in a leveling or straightening machine from Kitmondo guarantees quality, efficiency, and excellent value for money, enhancing your sheet metal processing capabilities significantly.

ARKU RM 50X/9 ECOPLAN Straightening machine

Year: 2005

Max. length 530 mm
Max. thickness 4 mm

Sheet straightening machine CKMЗ 16х2500mm

Year: 1979

Max. length 2500 mm
Max. thickness 16 mm

Ungerer Ungerer Straightening machine

Year: 1965

Max. length 1000 mm
Max. thickness 1 mm

SOPREM BRH/7/500/60/U Straightening machine

Year: 2009

Max. length 400 mm
Max. thickness 2 mm

Arku TRM 50125/21 sheet straightening machine

Year: 1993

Sheet straightening machine Make: Arku Model: TRM 50125/21 Control: CNC Origin: Germany Location: israel Term of delivery: on request Quotation: EXW, free on truck unpacked

Used Hämmerle MS Brugg TRM 50/750 Straightening machine

Year: 1990

Max. length 750 mm
Max. thickness 12 mm

Used WMW Gotha UBR 16 x 2500 /1-10 Straightening machine

Year: 1976

Max. length 2500 mm
Max. thickness 16 mm

Schubert WML 23/30/630 Straightening machine

Year: 1994

Max. length 630 mm
Max. thickness 6 mm

WMW UBR 32 x 2500 Straightening machine

Year: 1969

Max. length 2500 mm
Max. thickness 32 mm

Sheet metal levelling machine UBR 25x3150-7/16

Year: 1981

Max. length 3150 mm
Max. thickness 25 mm

SBKJ SBKJ Straightening machine Hot deal

Year: 2020

I will sell equipment for the production of air ducts. Full cycle. The machines are manufactured in 2020 and have been in use for 1.5 years. Manufacturer: SBKJ, China. Reason for sale: war in Ukraine. Terms of sale – EXW Kharkiv (Lviv), Ukraine. It is possible to consider other terms of sale. Volume – 2 cars of 20 tons each. …

Straightening machine 7x500x3550 (SKMZ)

Year: 1966

Max. length 3000 mm
Max. thickness 30 mm

Koch WD1 Other Hot deal

Year: 1989

Max. length 8000 mm

VEB Blema Gotha UBR 6,3 x 1600 / 1-16 Straightening machine

Year: 1973

Max. length 1600 mm
Max. thickness 7 mm

Wafios R2 Straightening machine

Year: 1979

Max. length 2000 mm
Max. thickness 4 mm

WEEREN DH 20 II GA Straightening machine

Year: 2008

Max. length 1150 mm
Max. thickness 36 mm

Leveling and straightening machines rectify distortions in sheet metals by passing the material through a series of rolls that exert pressure, resulting in flat, deformation-free sheets. This process is crucial for the smooth operation of subsequent tasks such as laser cutting, stamping, or bending. Choosing an efficient and reliable machine is vital, and that's where Kitmondo comes in.

Kitmondo offers a vast collection of used industrial machinery, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. The platform's diversity and volume allow professionals to select machinery that aligns with their requirements and budget. Reputable brands frequently list their machines on Kitmondo, showcasing the trust sellers place in the platform.

Understanding Leveling/Straightening Machines

When it comes to the complexities of sheet metal processing, leveling or straightening machines are indispensable. These machines ensure a high degree of flatness in sheet metals, eliminating imperfections that can occur during earlier processes. Precision and accuracy are paramount in this industry, making these machines essential tools for professionals.

For sellers, Kitmondo offers a global audience, connecting them with professionals worldwide. This ensures their equipment finds a new home where it will continue to be valuable.

Areas of Use

Leveling/straightening machines are utilized in various industries, including:

  • Metal Fabrication: Preparing sheet metals for bending, welding, or assembly.
  • Automotive Industry: Ensuring high-quality components like panels, doors, and chassis.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Providing precision for critical components.
  • Construction: Producing beams, girders, and metal panels.
  • Appliance Manufacturing: Ensuring flatness for parts in refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.
  • Electronics: Preparing metal components for larger electronics.
  • Railway Industry: Manufacturing train components and infrastructure.
  • Heavy Machinery Manufacturing: Ensuring quality in agricultural, mining, and industrial equipment.

Kitmondo's platform frequently updates listings, so it's beneficial to regularly check or set up notifications for new offers. By understanding the key elements and advantages of leveling/straightening machines, buyers and sellers can navigate the marketplace effectively, ensuring successful transactions that meet specific industry needs.

Why Kitmondo? The Premium Gateway to Used Industrial Machinery

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be daunting. Kitmondo's selection of leveling/straightening machines ranges from €25,000 to €85,000, catering to various budgetary and operational needs. The platform ensures transparency, providing detailed insights into the machinery's history, condition, and specifications, making informed decisions easier.

Main Machine Parameters of Leveling/Straightening Machines

When considering a leveling/straightening machine on Kitmondo, understanding key parameters is crucial:

  1. Working Width: Indicates the maximum width of material the machine can handle.
  2. Material Thickness: Determines the types and gauges of metals the machine can process.
  3. Number of Straightening Rolls: Influences straightening efficiency and precision.
  4. Roll Diameter: Affects the machine's capability to handle specific materials and finish quality.
  5. Machine Speed: Impacts overall productivity.
  6. Drive Type: Mechanical or hydraulic drives influence maintenance, speed, and energy efficiency.
  7. Adjustment Mechanism: Modern machines often feature automated adjustments for precise control.
  8. Additional Features: Integrated measurement systems, digital controls, safety features, and automated feeding systems enhance utility.
  9. Power Requirements: Ensure compatibility with installation site requirements.
  10. Footprint and Weight: Important for space considerations.
  11. Operational History: Past malfunctions or repairs affect desirability and price.
  12. Availability of Spare Parts: Ease of sourcing parts, especially for older models, is crucial.

Advantages of Leveling/Straightening Machines

Leveling and straightening machines offer numerous benefits in the sheet metal processing industry:

  1. Improved Material Quality: These machines rectify deformations, ensuring a flat surface suitable for precision applications.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Straightened metal sheets simplify subsequent operations, increasing throughput.
  3. Reduction in Material Wastage: By preventing errors during processing, these machines reduce material wastage.
  4. Consistent Results: They provide uniform and repeatable results, meeting required standards consistently.
  5. Adaptable to Various Materials: Modern machines handle a range of metals, from soft alloys to tougher steels.
  6. Extended Tool Life: Imperfection-free metal sheets reduce wear and tear on tools, extending their lifespan.
  7. Safety: Flat, deformation-free sheets minimize safety risks during processing.
  8. Compatibility with Modern Controls: Many machines integrate with digital controls for better precision and automation.
  9. Versatility: Some machines can handle rods, bars, and tubes, broadening their application range.

Manufacturers of Leveling/Straightening Machines

Reputable manufacturers whose machines might be found on Kitmondo include:

  • Schleicher: Known for a range of straightening machines for various applications.
  • Kohler: Offers high-quality leveling and straightening systems.
  • ARKU: Provides comprehensive leveling and straightening equipment.
  • WMW: Trusted for various metalworking machines, including straightening machines.
  • Bollina: Specializes in precision straightening machines for the steel industry.
  • FIMI: Produces leveling and cut-to-length lines for various industries.
  • Bradbury Group: Offers roll forming and coil processing solutions.
  • Herr-Voss Stamco: Provides advanced leveling solutions.
  • Primetals Technologies: Offers a wide range of metal industry solutions.
  • Ungerer: Produces straightening machines for thin sheets to heavy plates.

Purchasing an efficient and reliable leveling/straightening machine from Kitmondo guarantees quality, efficiency, and excellent value for money, significantly enhancing your sheet metal processing capabilities.