Kitmondo, a premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a meticulously curated selection of PCB reflow ovens, combining cutting-edge technology with cost-effectiveness. Featuring machines from esteemed manufacturers such as Heller, Rehm, and Vitronics Soltec, Kitmondo ensures precision, high-quality soldering, and robust durability. With prices ranging from €10,000 to €100,000, Kitmondo caters to businesses of all sizes, achieving an ideal balance between affordability and quality.

Reflow ovens are crucial in the electronics industry for soldering components onto printed circuit boards. These machines provide precise temperature control and even heat distribution, ensuring the production of reliable and high-performance electronic assemblies.

At Kitmondo, customers benefit from competitive pricing and the ability to thoroughly assess key machine parameters, enabling well-informed purchasing decisions tailored to their specific needs. Discover Kitmondo’s extensive collection and elevate your electronics manufacturing capabilities with advanced and efficient reflow ovens. Enhance your production line's reliability and performance with Kitmondo’s top-tier solutions.

Hotflow 3/20 reflow oven

Year: 2013

Number of heating zones 10
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

Essemtec RO400FC-C PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2006

Number of heating zones 3
Cooling unit Yes

Reflow oven Vitronics 7038 myReflow Hot deal

Year: 2006

Number of heating zones 9
Cooling unit Yes
Power supply (Volts) 380 V

Heller 1707MKIII PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2012

Reflow oven with higher heating load of 13A. Capacity 5000A. Electrical DWG: B-689354 REV-F.

Ersa Hotflow 2/14 ASP

Year: 2006

Number of heating zones 7
Cooling unit Yes
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

Soldering Oven HELLER 1707 MKIII

Year: 2010

Number of heating zones 7
Cooling unit No
Power supply (Volts) 240 V

Vitronics Soltec MR1243 PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2011

Two weeks ago the oven was taken out of production. 100% working condition. serviced one year ago. Price is negotiable

NS-800-N JTE-800 PCB Reflow oven


Number of heating zones 8
Cooling unit Yes
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

Powder Coatin Oven - Drying Machine Low working hours

Year: 2021

Number of heating zones 3
Cooling unit Yes
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

TWS Automation 1150 reflow oven

Year: ~ 2012

TWS Automation 1150 reflow oven Machine has been used for 3 months Machine is in very good condition

ERSA Hotflow 5/3 PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2002

Number of heating zones 3
Cooling unit No
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

ERSA HotFlow 5-ERSA PCB Reflow oven


Number of heating zones 3
Cooling unit No
Power supply (Volts) 400 V


Year: ~ 2003

Number of heating zones 3
Power supply (Volts) 400 V

Ersa Powerflow ATM PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2010

Powerflow ATM from year 2010. Finger conveyor, single wave, lead free Sn100 alloy. Approximativly 500kg of sn100. Used on single shift or even little bit less.

BTU PYRAMAX 98N PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2007

Number of heating zones 14
Cooling unit Yes
Power supply (Volts)  V

Suneast Peak-350 Wave Soldering Machine

Year: 2007

Number of heating zones 3
Power supply (Volts) 380 V

Heller 1707 EXL PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2006

Reflow Heller 1707 EXL Mesh Belt Available Q4 2023


Year: 2016

The IEMME NEO FLOW is a modern reflow oven used in the electronics manufacturing industry, primarily for the soldering of surface mount technology (SMT) components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). Reflow ovens are critical in the SMT assembly process as they heat the PCB and solder paste to a temperature that melts the solder, thereby creating strong electrical and mechanical …

Exploring Reflow Ovens in the Kitmondo Electronics Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we excel at linking industry professionals with top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Within our diverse range of offerings, our Electronics category features essential equipment for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), specifically Reflow Ovens. Let’s dive into what these machines are, why they are essential, and why Kitmondo is your premier marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Reflow Ovens?

Reflow ovens are vital tools in the electronics manufacturing process, particularly for surface mount technology (SMT). They heat solder paste applied to PCBs, melting it to create secure electrical connections between components and the board. Reflow ovens are designed to deliver precise temperature control and consistent heating to ensure high-quality solder joints.

Types of Reflow Ovens

  1. Infrared (IR) Reflow Ovens: Use infrared radiation to heat the PCBs. These ovens are efficient but require careful control to prevent uneven heating.
  2. Convection Reflow Ovens: Utilize hot air to transfer heat to the PCBs, offering more uniform heating and widely used in modern SMT assembly lines.
  3. Vapor Phase Reflow Ovens: Employ a heat transfer medium (usually a fluorocarbon liquid) that vaporizes at a specific temperature to provide consistent and controlled heating.
  4. Hybrid Reflow Ovens: Combine different heating methods, such as infrared and convection, to optimize the heating process and enhance efficiency.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Reflow Ovens

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be challenging, but Kitmondo simplifies the process. For those looking to purchase, the benefits are substantial.

Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in new reflow ovens can be costly, particularly for small businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring exceptional value. On our platform, used reflow ovens typically range between €10,000 and €100,000, depending on factors like age, brand, wear and tear, and additional features.

Quality Assurance: Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next chapter. This meticulous vetting process ensures that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach: Reflow ovens are essential for precise and efficient PCB assembly. Whether you're looking to invest in one or sell it, Kitmondo provides a platform that guarantees convenience, reliability, and value. Step into the future of electronics manufacturing with Kitmondo – where innovation meets tradition.

Key Benefits of Reflow Ovens

Reflow ovens are indispensable in the electronics manufacturing industry for several reasons. Here are the main advantages:

High Precision and Consistency: Reflow ovens provide precise temperature control and uniform heating, essential for reliable solder joints and maintaining high product quality.

Increased Efficiency: Automated reflow ovens significantly boost production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. This efficiency translates to higher productivity and reduced labor costs.

Versatility: Modern reflow ovens can handle various PCB types and component configurations, making them valuable assets across diverse electronics manufacturing sectors.

Reduced Defects: Controlled heating and cooling profiles minimize defects such as solder bridging, tombstoning, and voids, enhancing the overall reliability of electronic assemblies.

Main Machine Parameters of Reflow Ovens

When evaluating reflow ovens, several key parameters ensure they meet specific requirements. Here are the main machine parameters:

  • Heating Zones: The number and configuration of heating zones (e.g., preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling) affect control and precision during the soldering process.
  • Conveyor Speed: The speed at which PCBs move through the oven influences production rates and thermal profiles.
  • Temperature Control: The ability to precisely control and monitor temperatures in different zones ensures consistent and reliable soldering.
  • Profile Management: The capability to create and manage different thermal profiles for various PCB assemblies allows flexibility and adaptability in production.
  • Conveyor Width: The maximum width of the conveyor determines the size of PCBs that can be processed.
  • Cooling System: The type and efficiency of the cooling system are crucial for solidifying solder joints and preventing thermal damage to components.
  • Nitrogen Capability: Some reflow ovens offer nitrogen atmosphere capability to reduce oxidation during the reflow process, improving solder joint quality.
  • Power Consumption: The amount of energy required to operate the oven impacts operational costs and energy efficiency.

Applications of Reflow Ovens

Given their versatility and capacity for high-quality soldering, reflow ovens are used in various areas:

Consumer Electronics: Essential for assembling PCBs in smartphones, tablets, computers, and other consumer electronic devices, ensuring high precision and reliability.

Automotive Industry: Critical for creating PCBs used in automotive applications, such as engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety components.

Telecommunications: Used in the production of PCBs for communication devices and infrastructure, maintaining signal integrity and reliability.

Aerospace and Defense: Necessary for producing high-precision PCBs used in aerospace and defense electronics, where reliability and performance are paramount.

Medical Devices: Applied in manufacturing PCBs for medical equipment, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.

Industrial Equipment: Used in various industrial electronics applications, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Leading Manufacturers of Reflow Ovens

Several renowned manufacturers in the electronics industry are known for their quality and innovation. Here are some prominent manufacturers of reflow ovens:

Rehm Thermal Systems: A leading provider of innovative thermal system solutions, Rehm offers advanced reflow ovens known for their precision and efficiency.

BTU International: Renowned for their high-performance reflow ovens, BTU International provides reliable and efficient thermal processing solutions for electronics manufacturing.

Heller Industries: Specializes in advanced reflow oven technology, offering high-quality equipment designed for precision and high-volume production.

Vitronics Soltec (ITW EAE): Provides a comprehensive range of reflow ovens known for their robust performance and advanced process control features.

Essemtec: Offers versatile and flexible reflow ovens suitable for a wide range of applications in electronics manufacturing.

SMT Wertheim: Known for their high-quality reflow ovens, SMT Wertheim provides reliable thermal processing solutions for the electronics industry.

When considering a purchase or researching reflow ovens, it's essential to look into these manufacturers' specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand has its strengths, specialties, and technological innovations that cater to different soldering requirements.


Reflow ovens are invaluable assets in the electronics manufacturing industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for precise soldering of PCBs. Whether for consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, or aerospace applications, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With the support of Kitmondo, acquiring or selling reflow ovens becomes a straightforward and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing exceptional electronic products.