When selecting a Tube Bending Machine, it's essential to consider several critical specifications. Begin with the machine's bending capacity: it must accommodate the sizes, thicknesses, and materials of your tubes. Next, assess the bending techniques it supports, such as mandrel, roll, or rotary draw bending, each suited to different applications. Precision and accuracy are paramount, particularly for precise bends. Additionally, evaluate its ability to minimize deformation and preserve tube integrity during bending. Control systems are crucial; NC systems suffice for simpler tasks, while CNC systems offer advanced control for complex, high-volume production. Finally, prioritize productivity-enhancing features like multi-stack bending or automatic tool change systems, ensuring the machine meets your durability requirements.

Schratze-Wirtz WE2W0DS Tube bending machine

Year: 1969

The machine is fully functional, with a rich set of tools. Pipe bending tools: fi 83 - R300 fi 88.9 - R300 fi 101.6 - R250, R400 fi108 - R450 fi 114.3 - R550 fi 133 - R400 fi 137 - R500 fi 168 - R700 fi 193 - R600 fi 219 - R640, R800

PEDRAZZOLI BM42 MR VARIO Tube bending machine

Year: 2009

Max. tube length 6000 mm
Max. tube Ø 42 mm

Akyapak ABM 76 CNC Tube Bending Machine

Year: 2021

Max. tube length 8000 mm
Max. tube Ø 76 mm

Macri Provar 5-90 U-D Tube bending machine

Year: 2010

Max. tube length 5100 mm
Max. tube Ø 1950 mm

SILFAX GS4 Tube bending machine

Year: 1994

Max. tube length 6000 mm

Macri Italia Provar 5-90 U-D Tube bending machine

Year: 2010

Max. tube length 5100 mm
Bending angle 150 °
Max. tube Ø 90 mm
Total power 35 kW

Wortelboer PBM6 Tube bending machine

Year: 2009

Industrial Pipe beveling machine. New condition. Width: 1.00 Length: 7.00 Height: 1.70 Condition: For Sale

Akbend ABM 76 CNC-4 Tube bending machine

Year: 2018

The machine is equipped with pipe bending tool D33,70, without guide mandrel. The previous owner damaged it. Machine after installation, serviced 05/2023.

Dural Cnc-60 5 axis pipe and profile bending machine(Never used)

Year: 2020

Max. tube length 2500 mm
Bending angle 190 °
Max. tube Ø 60 mm

Hydroil CHA 80 Tube bending machine

Year: 1988

HYDROIL CHA 80 mandrel bender. This machine has been completely refurbished with change of all hydraulic pipes, pressure gauge, joints and screws + epoxy paint Description: - delivered with 15 complete sets of tools ranging from diameter 17.2mm to diameter 50mm, including certain diameters with 2 different radii (new market value of a single tool: €2,500) - hydraulic clamping vice …

BEMA REKORD 45 CNC D Tube bending machine

Year: 1999

Max. tube length 5000 mm
Max. tube Ø 45 mm

BLM PLANET T3 Tube bending machine

Year: 2001

Max. tube Ø 22 mm
Total power 8 kW

Rasi SF60 5K2 W2V3 60 Tube bending machine

Year: 2006

Max. tube length 6000 mm
Max. tube Ø 60 mm

Cesurbend PBNC 38

Year: 2021

Max. tube length 2500 mm
Bending angle 190 °
Total power 3 kW
Max. tube Ø 38 mm
Bending speed 10 u/mn

Tube Bending Machines for Sale: Enhance Your Manufacturing Precision

Explore a diverse selection of tube bending machines for sale on Kitmondo, meticulously engineered to shape tubes of various sizes and materials with precision. These machines cater to industries spanning automotive, aerospace, construction, and furniture manufacturing, offering versatility across round, square, rectangular, and custom-shaped profiles.

Sourced from leading manufacturers, our inventory includes both CNC and NC models. CNC tube bending machines excel in complex, high-volume production with automated control, while NC models provide a cost-effective solution for simpler tasks.

Key Features:

  • Bending Techniques: Choose from mandrel bending, roll bending, or rotary draw bending to suit specific applications and tube specifications.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Ensure exact bends while minimizing deformation and preserving structural integrity.
  • Productivity Enhancements: Benefit from features like multi-stack bending and automatic tool change systems, optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • Global Marketplace: Kitmondo connects global buyers and sellers, offering comprehensive machine details and specifications to facilitate informed decisions.

Critical Considerations When Buying:

  • Bending Capacity: Capable of handling various tube sizes, thicknesses, and materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.
  • Control Systems: Select between NC and CNC systems based on your production needs for control and automation.
  • Budgeting: Prices vary based on brand, model, condition, and specifications. Expect a range from basic manual benders to advanced CNC models.

Count on Kitmondo to guide your purchase or sale process, ensuring seamless transactions and reliable support throughout. Discover the perfect tube bending machine to elevate your manufacturing capabilities today.