Stamping presses play a pivotal role across industries by shaping materials with unparalleled precision and consistency. These machines are renowned for their ability to handle complex designs and ensure high-volume production with minimal waste, making them indispensable for cost-efficient manufacturing.

On Kitmondo, the premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, you'll discover a diverse spectrum of stamping presses. Prices range from €26,000 to a premium €169,000, reflecting variations in features, age, and brand reputation. From automotive and electronics to aerospace and consumer goods, these presses cater to a wide array of sectors, leveraging their speed, versatility, and robustness. With recognized names like AIDA, Schuler, and Komatsu among the top manufacturers available, Kitmondo simplifies the process of acquiring or selling a stamping press, ensuring reliability and value for both seasoned manufacturers and emerging entrepreneurs alike.

Becker 650 t Stamping press


Type Hydraulic
Table length 3250 mm
Ram stroke 1000 mm
Power in tons 650 T
Table width 2000 mm

Voronez KB3534A Stamping press

Year: 1989

Type Mechanical
Table length 2500 mm
Ram stroke 400 mm
Power in tons 250 T
Table width 1250 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 25


Year: 2022

Type Mechanical
Table length 1250 mm
Ram stroke 320 mm
Power in tons 630 T
Table width 1250 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 20

BRUDERER BSTA 110H high speed press

Year: 1976

Type Mechanical
Table length 1170 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 800
Power in tons 110 T
Ram stroke 89 mm

Bruderer bsta 80 Low working hours

Year: 1994

Type Mechanical
Table length 970 mm
Ram stroke 63 mm
Power in tons 80 T
Table width 920 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 1000

Transfer press Paust 100/1

Year: 1986

Type Mechanical
Table length 2200 mm
Power in tons 100 T
Ram stroke 280 mm

Crank trimming press with a 400-tonne capacity KP9536

Year: 2021

Type Mechanical
Table length 1000 mm
Ram stroke 800 mm
Power in tons 400 T
Table width 1000 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 25

Nisshinbo MAP-500 Stamping press


Type Hydraulic
Table length 1005 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 120
Power in tons 20 T
Table width 500 mm

Used TCS CANNON FINIX 1000C Stamping press

Year: 1995

Type Mechanical
Table length 38100.00004 mm
Power in tons 10 T
Table width 25400.00003 mm

Bruderer BSTA 30 Stamping press with PLC control

Year: 1986

Type Mechanical
Table length 545 mm
Ram stroke 47 mm
Power in tons 30 T
Table width 470 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 600

Stamping Press BSTA 18


Power in tons 18 T
Table width 310 mm
Motor power 2.2 kW
Table length 350 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 600

Used PFC PR2A Stamping press


Type Hydraulic
Table length 1300 mm
Power in tons 70 T
Table width 900 mm

Bruderer BSTA 30 High Speed Stamping Press


Type Hydraulic
Table length 480 mm
Ram stroke 47 mm
Power in tons 30 T
Table width 450 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 600

EMANUEL MB 160 Stamping press


Type Hydraulic
Power in tons 160 T

ЗТМП К3535А Stamping press

Year: 2021

Power in tons 315 T
Table width 1250 mm
Table length 2500 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 25

LOIRE SAFE ESSM 200/25 Stamping press

Year: 2001

Power in tons 200 T
Table width 1500 mm
Table length 2500 mm
Motor power 15 kW

Aida FT2-40 Stamping press

Year: 1980

Type Mechanical
Power in tons 400 T

Hydrotec Maschinenbau FSTA2-50 Transfer Presses

Year: 2014

2x Transfer presses (Fiume) as complete plant for sale Electrically driven double-column press for metal working, preferably for punching or forming work. Automatic press plant with part feed of raw parts via separation and infeed section. Production line for punching parts, production of sheet metal parts by forming (deep drawing) and stampipunching. The transfer takes place via several mechanical cam …

SMERAL LKT 250D Stamping press

Year: 2019

Type Hydraulic
Table length 1575 mm
Ram stroke 1380 mm
Power in tons 250 T
Table width 1150 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 20

Stamping Presses: Unlocking Precision in Industrial Manufacturing

In the realm of industrial machinery, Kitmondo stands tall as a premier destination, renowned for its expansive array of used equipment. For professionals entrenched in the metal industry, one machine commanding significant attention is the stamping press. But what exactly defines this equipment, and why should industry players turn to Kitmondo for their buying or selling needs? Let's delve deeper.

At its core, a stamping press is an indispensable tool within metal manufacturing, exerting force to shape or cut materials via die deformation. Renowned for their ability to shape metals with unparalleled precision and force, these machines are vital across diverse sectors—from automotive and aerospace to intricate jewelry crafting.

Kitmondo, a trailblazer in the used industrial machinery sector, offers compelling reasons for professionals to leverage its platform. Purchasing a stamping press through Kitmondo opens doors to affordability without compromising on quality. The price spectrum for stamping presses on our platform ranges from €26,000 for accessible options to €169,000 for premium models, catering to both budget-conscious buyers and those seeking top-tier machinery.

Our stringent vetting process ensures that every listed equipment guarantees top-tier performance and reliability, underscoring our commitment to quality. With an extensive network, Kitmondo provides a diverse range of options tailored to meet the unique needs of every professional, whether seasoned or new to the industry.

For sellers, Kitmondo streamlines the process, offering global visibility and expert assistance at every stage, ensuring a hassle-free selling experience. Whether you're considering purchasing a stamping press or looking to sell one, Kitmondo stands as the epitome of excellence in the used industrial machinery marketplace, offering affordability, reliability, and a seamless transactional process.

Advantages of Stamping Presses

Stamping presses are integral to various industries, offering a myriad of benefits that make them a preferred choice for manufacturing and printing tasks:

  • High Volume Production: Ideal for mass production, stamping presses efficiently churn out large quantities of parts in minimal time.

  • Consistency and Precision: Ensures uniform quality across production runs, delivering precise outputs consistently.

  • Cost Efficiency: Offers economies of scale for high-volume tasks, reducing per-unit production costs.

  • Versatility in Material Usage: Capable of working with diverse materials, from metals to plastics, catering to specific industry requirements.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Automated operations enable high-speed production, optimizing raw material to finished product timelines.

  • Minimal Waste: Designed for efficient material usage, promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • Complex Shapes and Designs: Handles intricate designs with finesse, enhancing production capabilities.

  • Durability and Longevity: Products boast excellent durability, meeting rigorous industry standards for longevity.

  • Integration Capabilities: Easily integrates with other manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless production workflows.

  • Safety Features: Equipped with advanced safety measures, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Stamping presses embody versatility, precision, and efficiency, playing a pivotal role in modern manufacturing across a spectrum of industries.

Key Machine Parameters of Stamping Presses

Stamping presses feature several critical parameters that dictate their performance and suitability:

  • Press Capacity or Tonnage: Determines the maximum force the press can exert, influencing material handling capabilities.

  • Bed Area: The surface area where the die is mounted, crucial for accommodating workpiece and die sizes.

  • Stroke Length: Defines the ram's travel distance, impacting operational speed and task versatility.

  • Shut Height: Distance between bed and ram in its lowest position, pivotal for die accommodation.

  • Slide Adjustment: Enables precise adjustments for shut height and stroke length customization.

  • Speed (SPM): Specifies operational speed, critical for production rate determination.

  • Drive Type: Mechanical or hydraulic systems influence press performance, precision, and force output.

  • Clutch Type: Engages/disengages press operations, with mechanical, hydraulic, or air clutches offering varied functionalities.

  • Cushion Type: Supports workpieces during stamping, enhancing product quality and material handling capabilities.

  • Die Space: Accommodates dies, crucial for progressive or compound die usage.

  • Frame Type: O-frame, C-frame, or straight side constructions influence press rigidity and accessibility.

  • Automation and Control Systems: Advanced systems enhance operational efficiency with features like PLCs and real-time monitoring.

Understanding these parameters empowers professionals to make informed decisions aligned with specific production needs and operational requirements.

Manufacturers of Stamping Presses

Various manufacturers excel in producing stamping presses, each renowned for quality, innovation, and reliability:

  • AIDA: A prominent leader in the press industry, renowned for innovative technologies and global reach.

  • Schuler: Based in Germany, Schuler is a leading provider of forming technology, offering extensive press solutions.

  • Komatsu: Known for high-quality mechanical stamping presses, Komatsu brings Japanese precision and reliability to the forefront.

  • Amada: A Japanese giant, Amada offers precision machinery and tools, including versatile stamping presses.

  • SEYI: Originating from Taiwan, SEYI specializes in mechanical and servo presses, catering to diverse industry needs.

  • Minster (Nidec Minster Corporation): A trusted name in high-speed stamping presses, Minster delivers robust solutions globally.

  • Stamtec: Known for mechanical and servo-driven presses, Stamtec offers reliable solutions with international presence.

  • Chin Fong: Based in Taiwan, Chin Fong's robust stamping presses are renowned for their durability and efficiency.

  • Bliss Press (BCN Technical Services): With a rich history, Bliss Press offers a wide range of presses, including stamping solutions.

  • Murata Machinery (Muratec): A Japanese brand, Muratec delivers comprehensive manufacturing equipment, including stamping presses.

  • Trumpf: Renowned for laser technology, Trumpf also offers punching and stamping solutions for diverse applications.

Selecting the right manufacturer hinges on operational requirements, service support, and machinery capabilities, ensuring optimal investment decisions.

Applications of Stamping Presses

Stamping presses find extensive use across diverse industries for forming and shaping materials:

  • Automotive: Body panels, brackets, and chassis components production.

  • Aerospace: Precision parts meeting stringent specifications.

  • Electronics: Production of connectors, switches, and brackets.

  • Appliances: Stamped parts for household appliances.

  • Metal Furniture: Structural components for furniture items.

  • Medical Devices: Components for medical instruments and devices.

  • Jewellery: Intricate designs for mass production of jewellery items.

  • Agriculture: Stamped parts for farm equipment and machinery.

  • Construction: Components for construction machinery and tools.

  • Packaging: Metal containers and cans production.

  • Coins and Medals: Minting processes for detailed designs.

  • Consumer Goods: Everyday items requiring precision parts.

Stamping presses' versatility ensures they play a crucial role in modern manufacturing across a spectrum of industries.

This comprehensive overview highlights the pivotal role of stamping presses in modern manufacturing, emphasizing their versatility, precision, and efficiency across various industries. For professionals seeking robust equipment solutions, Kitmondo stands as the definitive platform, offering affordability, reliability, and a seamless transaction experience in the used industrial machinery marketplace.